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Scam no More, Online Gambling Now With Protection

Ensnared in their long history of red tape and legal stigma, Casinos have largely been inaccessible to many. Often, a trip was required, to Auckland or Hamilton, where huge runs and bigger losses ruled the day, epic tales of fortune or fallow, that often required a big to do. No longer though, as Casinos and gambling become accessible to everyone, not around the block, but in their pockets.

Play Fun Slots at these NZ Ipad Casinos

RIZK Casino

  • $100 BONUS + 50 FREE SPINS
  • Unique Casino Adventure
  • The Wheel of RIZK

Insta Casino

  • 200% Up to NZ$200
  • No wagering on Free Spins
  • Keep what you win!

Jackpot City

  • NZ$1600 in Bonus
  • A wide range of games
  • A leading online casino globally


Gambling Online

Online gambling has been around since nearly the beginning of the internet, providing access to all the shady business practices and dubious back alley bookies one could ever desire. Independent sites began cropping up everywhere, offering bets on every event, game, and bracket. All the information and convenience of the internet now connected directly to the wallet. With all this money to be made and lost, it was no surprise that abuse soon followed after, as scammers used anonymity to swindle careless or uninformed users of their hard earned money, vanishing into distant banks, and accounts with nothing but numbers for names. Online gambling became a dangerous practice, as people did more gambling on whether the sites were safe than on the actual odds.

Mobile Casinos, Same Scam or Safe Bet

Unlike their unlicensed internet counterparts, online casinos aren’t fronts set up by thieves in their mothers basement. Online casinos depend on legitimate public organizations, such as Apple, to vouch for their own legitimacy. Harnessing the incredible power of their fleets of lawyers, companies like Apple investigate, validate, and approve these online casinos. Judgement of their business history, filings, bookings, and internal records are made, assuring honest practice. As if all this wasn’t enough, because with so much money it never is, Apple locks in these companies to massive contracts, that closely monitor their every move. So much as a whiff of foul play and those responsible are up to their eyeballs in paperwork, all of it with their name and binding agreements written all over them. Stripped of their anonymity, and financial liquidity, these casinos must play fair, or else face the full legal might of consumer protections.

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There’s an App for that

All the legal protection Apple wraps their customers in, is delivered to them through the app store. In order to be listed, casinos must satisfy all concern for the consumer safety. The apps serve as a seal of approval from Apple, assuring that the company on the other end can be trusted, and any wrongs will be righted. In reality, though, its really only a connection to the Casinos normal internet operations, with a lovely veneer optimizing it for use on mobile devices, bringing the protections, access, and convenience all into one easily downloadable package.


Playing the Odds

Big name games are the name of the game. The most familiar games such as poker, blackjack, and every manner of slot games dominate the market. No more than several clicks away, within the App store, dozens of casinos lay waiting. Simply choosing from the list of rated and reviewed casinos is the hardest part of getting started. After download, the apps provide clear and simple instructions for creating an account and transferring needed funds. Once set up, the casinos provide endless access to any of their listed games for all ranges of betting pools, as well as simple cash outs for winnings anywhere, anytime. So go forth, have fun, win hard, and play responsibly.

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