Wheel of Rizk is the Most Exciting Thing In Gambling

April 6, 2018 Posted in News by No Comments

In an era where we are constantly being tuned into the new thing Wheel of Rizk, Rizk’s brand new game, combines the fun of Wheel of Fortune with the excitement of gambling. Rizk is a company that has made a name for itself in the online casino world by creating daring new games that give users the authentic casino experience they deserve — and they’ve certainly hit the mark in their endeavor with Wheel of Rizk.

RIZK Casino

  • $100 BONUS + 50 FREE SPINS
  • Unique Casino Adventure
  • The Wheel of RIZK

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of playing Wheel of Rizk is you’ll notice that any Rizk game you’ve played before will award you some points to help fill the “Power Bar.” The Power Bar is a central focal point for the company and gamblers can “level up” by betting more money and then are taken to the Wheel of Rizk where they are then eligible to compete for some seriously awesome prizes. The higher the level you climb to the higher the stakes get, and super high leveled users will even get a shot at the coveted Jackpots and even more elite grand prizes — guaranteed to get the heart pumping even more! Additionally, the fine folks at Rizk have included an Extra Wheel to be spun after your first level up of the day, a nice little reward for your hard work (and who could complain about an extra chance to win?). However, after every 10 levels is when the excitement really comes to a major crest because that is when the Super Wheel of Rizk makes its appearance and the stakes are at their highest, there will be so many great prizes available it may even begin to feel a tad bit overwhelming — but rest assured the wait will have been worth it.

As far as exactly what those prizes entail: the first and most common form of winning is Real Money — it is impossible to feel upset when landing on those gold coins as they fall under Rizk’s company policy of “Real Rewards, No Bullshit.” As mentioned previously while the Jackpots are only available to users once they reach level 10, Rizk makes sure those who have patiently waited are rewarded with some amazing prizes. The buildup towards the jackpot is tantalizing but the relief once reaching there makes it all worth it. Users who land on the Double Speed Chip better be ready to rumble, as this prize is time-centric and doubles the speed at which the Power Bar regenerates. One important thing to remember after activating the Double Speed Chip is to keep some attention on the countdown clock — this amazing prize will not last forever! The final prizes all have to do with winning those coveted bonus spins: Free Spins, Super Spins, and Mega Spins each of which give you a slightly different bonus and give you more chances to win the “big one” completely on the house!

If you have been looking for a game that is both fun and rewarding than you should most definitely check out Wheel of Rizk. Whether it is their exciting new prizes, excellent rewards system or just the simply beautiful design of the game — it is a total slam dunk. Don’t hesitate any longer, get on Wheel of Rizk and start making your way towards that Super Wheel — you will not be disappointed!

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