5 Different Types Of Slot Machines

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Millions of people worldwide are enjoying playing their favorite casino games at online casinos. The online casino industry has increased it’s growth over the last decade to include many casino websites, and even more enthusiastic players.

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The number of games that are offered by software developers and casino operators are astronomical. This gives players a wide variety of games to choose from. Games vary at the many casinos, so players find it interesting to visit more than one online casino to take advantage of the different games that are offered. Many players have their favorites, and many of the most popular games can be found at nearly all online casinos. The most played games are the slots games. The spin of the reels are enticing to many, and watching the symbols land in just the right position is the most thrilling aspect. Many slots games are played because of the themes, and some are played because of the number of paylines which increases the chances of winning. Many players may not be aware that there are differences in the slot machines. They may all look alike, but they have their own uniqueness. Understanding the differences can be helpful when choosing which slots game to play.

The Three Reel Classic Slots

This is a slots game that has been around since 1899, and is still one of the most popular machines to play. This is the traditional slots game that contains physical wheels and symbols and made of intricate mechanisms. The reels can have anywhere from 10 to 32 symbols which are also called stops. The odds are affected by the number of stops in each reel. Being restricted by physical space does not apply to online slots which stands the reason that they can be programmed to have more symbols. The players of slots games have the option of pulling a lever or pressing a button in order for the reels to spin.

A win is constituted when three like symbols line up on the slots screen. Today, the most popular slots games are the five or seven reel games. They continue the classic principle and simplicity of three reel slots. They also add more excitement and variety to the game. The three reel slots are considered as being the foundation for the innovative, modern slots games of today. New technologies allow for more symbols per reel, and bigger jackpots.

The Multi Payline Slots

With the classic slots games, there was only one payline which meant that the identical symbols had to line up on that one line in order to have a win. today, the most common scenario is to have five reels on a slots game with multiple paylines. In this type of slots game, the player can wager anywhere from one line up to as many as 20 lines. When a wager is made on one line, it is generally the middle line, but when a wager is made on other lines, the player can make a pattern using two or three symbols from many different lines. In a 20 line slots game, the chances of winning are much higher because more ground is covered. The odds of winning can also be increased by the number of credits that the player wages per line. Although the complex patterns, and visuals of multi line slots games can be overwhelming, the extra patience and focus can mean a better pay off.

The Video Slots Games

It was during the 1970’s that slots games transitioned from electronic to the video generation. The very first video slot machine was brought into the casinos in 1975. It was the invention of Walt Fraley, and was given the name of Fortune Coin. It took almost five years for the public to really trust this new type of game. The industry was revolutionized by video because new technology did not rely on dimension or physical mechanisms. Video slot machines have digital spinning reels that are displayed on screens, they have buttons that are pressed to operate the machine. Video slots games have a number of bet options, line counts, and graphics. This is far beyond the capability of mechanical machines. Video poker was introduced in 1980, and was highly popular in brick and mortar casinos. With the new technology also came the the introduction of free rounds, and bonus games. This also spawned the introduction of linking to machines for the progressive jackpots. Video poker games helped turn the industry into a gigantic money maker with betting options, unlimited line counts, the graphics, enticing bonuses, and the life changing progressive jackpots.

The Progressive Slots

Video slots laid the foundation for progressive slots games. With the progressive slots games, the jackpot continues to grow with the number of people that play until someone wins it. It started as a cumulative jackpot that used only one machine, but it was soon realized that many machines could be linked to produce a larger jackpot.

The money from the machines at one casino could be pooled together. Then the concept that machines could be linked across casinos in different locations even around the globe to make bigger jackpots was realized. Brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos are linking progressive jackpot games to form multi million dollar jackpots that allow players to hit more often.

The 3-D Slots

Three dimensional narratives and characters were introduced to slot machines so that players would not lose interest in the games. This is easy to accomplish with the new computer technology. The designers of these games have pushed themselves to their creative boundaries, and increased the competition. The 3-D slots games have animals or other characters moving and jumping around on the screen without any assistance from the player. Today, players can find games in any genre that suits them from action and adventure to romance and fantasy, or whatever they prefer. The game developers create new characters and narratives that soon become popular favorites, and iconic symbols. The more reputable, and larger gaming providers have budgets that are large enough to invent new 3-D slots that are interesting, and have a greater production value. This is most important for the players as it works in their favor to always have better and safer choice with an established, more reputable gaming website.

It is essential to understand the various types of slot machines at a favorite casino. The casino environment and experience is more than just challenging, it is exciting, thrilling, and full of adventure and entertainment. Knowing what to expect from the various slots games can be a great incentive to play. Players want to get as much as possible from the diversity of gambling whether it is at an online casino, or a land based casino. They can be confident in knowing that all slot machines are not the same, and that they are fully aware of the differences.