The Difference Between Progressive And Non Progressive Slots

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Casinos are a multi billion dollar industry. People enjoy going to land casinos, and even more are taking advantage of the online casinos where they can play in the privacy of their own home, or on a technical device. Both entities, land or online, are very intriguing to people. First time visitors, or players are usually in awe when they encounter all of the beautiful, and colorful lights, and the music that puts them in the mood for exploring what all a casino has to offer. Many long time players all have their favorite slot machines, or other games to play. Many people look for the biggest jackpot posted on a machine before they play.

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Often times, the machine with the biggest jackpot is not necessarily the best one to play. Some of these machines are called Progressive machines. They are the ones with major jackpots of up to a million dollars and over. Progressive machines are more difficult to hit the jackpot and win. These machines have had many people playing for numerous hours at a time in homes of winning because of the time and money put into it. They are called Progressive machines because they are inter connected with other casinos. The same machines can be found at every major casino, and the jackpot steadily increases to be the same amount on the same machines nation wide, or world wide.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

Progressive machines are more flashy than the non progressive machines. They will immediately get the attention of patrons. The odds of winning on a Progressive machine are very low, because the competition is so wide spread. Non progressive machines are independent machines with lower jackpots. They are not inter connected with the same machine in other casinos. The odds get a little better with the non progressive machines. Although mostly everyone who gambles would like to play the Progressive machines with the large jackpots, they may pay off at a casino thousands of miles away.

Experienced players always play with the dream of winning that life changing, large sum of money. They are also aware that the two major components of the Progressive slot machines are the large payout, and the fun factor. Some machines have a nine line pay line, and others may have a twenty five line pay line. The games are very similar, but the payout is different, and the number of times the bonus spins comes around also makes a difference.

When playing the Progressive machines, it is best to bet the maximum bet in order to have a chance at winning the big jackpot. The same stands true for non progressive machines. If the maximum amount is not bet, and the winning spin comes up, only a portion of the jackpot will be won. Non progressive slots may have a smaller payout, but they seem to pay more often on a regular basis. Both categories of slot machines are fun and exciting to play. Some people feel that there is no difference in taking a chance on one as it is the other. One of the times that you decide to play the Progressive machine may be the time that it hits for the big win. Play with a positive attitude, and take a chance on both the Progressive and the non progressive slot machines.

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