Gambling rockets forward into the 21st century – 5 trends

October 14, 2019 Posted in News, Tips by No Comments

The future of online gambling is certainly a rich topic. Here are some of the trends that players can expect as gambling rockets forward into the 21st century.

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Skill-based Games

One thing that’s true about the current situation is that there’s a lot of emphasis on luck when it comes to online gambling. In general, you pick a number on a roulette wheel and it lands where it will. You didn’t have a whole lot to do with whether you win or not. However, in the future, the trend is going to be focused more on skill. In other words, you’re going to feel like you have some say in the outcome, based on what kind of decisions you make and how skillful you are at the action being used.

Virtual Reality

This trend grows out of the current live dealer options for gambling online. However, regardless of whether the people you’re interacting with are live or not, you’re going to be able to experience the gambling environments much more directly than you could before. Developers like NetEnt have made it so that some of their games have versions using virtual reality. The example sited online frequently is Gonzo’s Quest. Games such as these will make it so that you feel like you’re there at a brick and mortar casino, standing beside other people, ready to put your bet down and let luck determine your fate.

Increased Regulation

Onling gambling sites started off in this flux where no one knew what rules applied to them since they existed on the Internet. The more time that goes by, the more regulatory actions occur. More countries want to add more specific rules about how online gambling sites function in order to keep control of the whole thing. This could mean that the sites can’t offer as many lavish bonuses, but it will likely also mean increased security and a reduction in scams and dishonest behavior from these places, which is something that many in this hobby would he highly welcoming toward.

Diversity of Payment Options

In the beginning, you paid with one thing at casinos, namely cash. Then, this expanded to credit cards or debit cards. Currently, the options have expended to include a lot more online, including places like Skrill. Many online casinos are even exploring crypto options like Bitcoin now. This will help you to be truly anonymous when you want to keep your hobbies to yourself and make it harder for people to trace the source. Plus, many people prefer the security of crypto options. The main point here is that you’re going to be able to choose how you pay from a wider and wider selection of options, including tech like Google Pay or Apple Pay, or even Samsung.

Experiences More Customized to Players

There’s a bit of a generic streak when it comes to the gambling options online at the moment. Many games are clones of one another, and none focus on the person playing them very much. There is every indication that this is going to change. For example, online casinos may pitch their bonuses more towards the games that the players use the most. Games may get more personalized as well, perhaps even changing elements based on the individual’s personal preferences.

Overall, it’s going to be an interesting time in the future when it comes to gambling online. This is especially the case since this industry is highly affected by technology and tech is advancing faster than many realize.