What Does It Take to Become a Casino Dealer?

March 27, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

Everyone knows what a casino dealer is.

It’s the man that helps and guides the casino game on the table.

Without him, it would be so much harder, maybe even impossible.

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So, have you ever wondered what is it like to be a gambling dealer by profession?

You get all of these tips, bonuses and if you love casino, you will love watching other people play the games that you enjoy in.

You will witness everything; big jackpot wins and maybe the biggest losses in the history of the gambling world.

As the casino games are getting more and more popular every day, the big gaming companies are looking for qualified (or beginners) dealers that have a passion for it.

So, what exactly does it take to be the heart of the casino room and is it really worth it? 

a casino delaer holding poker cards

How Much Money Will I Make? 

This is the most important question when it comes to any profession, in general.

Well, as per the latest statistics, the average salary is around $14K, but along with all the tips and the bonuses you get from the clients, it can get up to around $45K.

So, that’s a pretty attractive amount, isn’t it?

People’s Person

The trait that I’ve just mentioned is by far the most important one when it comes to this profession.

In order to be successful at what you do, you need to be very careful about your behavior and the way you talk to the customers.

The previous factor also depends on this.

If you don’t have a smile on your face occasionally and are always angry or bored, the clients won’t give you a tip and by default, you won’t have any bonuses.

They came to the casino room for a reason; they want to have fun and relaxed time, and if you can’t complement that atmosphere, then the dealer’s job isn’t your cup of tea. 

a male casino dealer holding poker cards

Patience and Tolerance

There are bad days, just as much as there are good days as well.

There are all kinds of characters and they are not as nice as you would expect.

Some of them are drunk or rude and you need to deal with it in the most professional way possible.

That’s what the job requires.

Some people don’t like to tip you, and that’s okay as well, even though it’s not polite.

Not everyone can deal with challenges like these, but those who are willing to try need to be as careful as possible. 


This is one of the best things when it comes to being a casino dealer; you won’t have to lose much time educating yourself for this job.

Even though a certain qualification is required, it’s really easy to get it plus you won’t need a lot of time and money.

The whole diploma is under $1000 and it will last you for a lifetime.

Plus, it’s valid for almost every casino, even for those on a cruise ship or if it happens for you to be transferred to another casino. 

It definitely has its pros and cons, but that doesn’t mean that this profession is really bad or really good.

It definitely has its challenges, but according to me, it’s worth it to try it.