The Most Popular Casino Tournaments

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The casino world has many ways and kinds to play and win money.

The most popular way is, of course, the classic way we all know; playing on a poker table with friends or strangers and waiting for the luck to step on your side.

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But, what not many people know is that there are casino tournaments as well.

If you think you’re a pro in the gambling world, they are here for you to test your skills and luck with some of the best of the best.

Interesting, right?

These tournaments are often held in the poker field the most because the other casino games aren’t as attractive and played as the poker is.

These tournaments bring lots of glory, money and other prizes that will bring you to the top of the elite casino world.

WSOP (World Series of Poker)

This is, by far,  the most popular poker tournament on a global level.

Founded in 2004 by Benny Binion, this world tournament is held traditionally every year and the interest for it is much bigger and bigger every year.

It’s held annually in Las Vegas and the 2020 tournament will be held from May 26-July 15 in the Rio All-Suite Hotel.

The last year’s winner was a German casino professional by the name of Hossein Ensan and he played next to big Hollywood stars like Tobey Maguire.

The winner takes the $10 million prize and believe me, it’s a spectacular event that surely can’t be missed.

the logo of wsop tournament

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

As the name says, this tournament is held online on the PokerStars website every year annually, in September.

It’s founded in 2002 and, as some people say, it’s the online equivalent of WSOP.

Here, the most popular poker version is Texas Hold’Em poker, but Seven Card Stud and Limit Omaha are also very popular as well.

Being held annually on a yearly basis, the main event held in 2018 had more than 2000 contestants and the winning prize was more than $1.5 billion. 

the logo of wcoop tournament

Triton Poker

This tournament is a little bit different than the other two that I mentioned because it’s a game for the more elite and rich groups of people.

The buy-in amount is $25.000 and there are different kinds of poker played and held in this tournament, just like the PokerStars version.

This year the biggest prize was whooping $65 billion but the winner took home only $23 billion of them.

Triton Poker is a tournament that is held in various regions around the world and even though it may seem scary and expensive, there are certainly many fans and viewers every year that can’t wait to watch the fun and rewarding games that this tournament offers. 

the logo of triton poker logo

To be part of these tournaments is every poker pro’s dream.

And after all, what’s there not to like?

The money prizes are unbelievable and really high, there are celebrities and businessmen that you can only see on the TV and it’s an experience that will be carved in your memory forever.