Step-by-step Guide to Becoming an Experienced Online Gaming Player

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Starting a new hobby or side hustle is never easy. It requires dedicated time and effort, although with some ventures, like online gaming, the learning curve can be fun too! While everyone will make mistakes, we’ve put together a small guide to try and help new players become experienced online gamblers quickly to maximize your rewards.

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Starting Out Steps

Step 1

Before signing up for an online casino, slots, or gambling site, look on gaming forums and at reviews of the site before joining. Word of mouth is the best indicator of a site being trustworthy and worth your time.

Step 2

Most sites will offer bonuses to you for signing up with them and it’s critically important to fully understand the Terms and Conditions for the offer before jumping in. As a player, it’s your responsibility to fulfill any wager or activity conditions that are attached to the offer and to elevate your chances of taking home some cold hard cash.

Step 3

So now that you are signed up for a reliable and well known casino site and have your bonus in hand, you should jump right in…right? Well, no, many online gambling sites offer no-stakes or practice tables where you can learn the mechanics of the site, study the RTP (or Return To Player) percentage for the game, and see how big of an advantage The House (the site you are playing on) has, or what the “House Edge” is for that game.

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Step 4

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll probably want to look for games where the RTP is above 94.5% and the House Edge is under 2.5%. This reduces the chances of your money just being drained away by the casino and maximizes the chances of bringing home a nice bonus. Once you’ve identified the games or slots you’re going to play, you’re ready for some actual games.

Playing Strong

Step 5

Most gamblers will tell you beginners’ luck is a real thing, and maybe it is. It’s important to remember however that you have many games in your future and when you first win big it’s a good idea to cash out your winnings and sit back for awhile, a classic rookie mistake is to immediately put all their winnings back on the line from the high that comes from winning a nice chunk of cash.


Step 6

While many of your fellow players may be quick to yell out negative things about the site or claim that it’s a scam, they can also be a great resource to learn from. If you notice a particularly successful player, you may be able to emulate them and increase your earnings. And if you’re thinking of branching out to new sites, finding reviews and evaluations from people that have played there are one of your best resources.

Step 7 (The Final One)

Have fun! You are playing games after all, and starting out can be scary, sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy the learning process and the games. If you keep learning from experienced players and don’t try to force a win, online gambling should be fun and provide you with some extra money. Remember to take time to lean back and look at your successes and just enjoy the games!

Online gaming is a big hobby to take on, and getting started can be tough and scary. With this guide you should be able to make the most of your foray into online gaming and casino sites and be on a path to quickly becoming an experienced player. Online gaming can be one of the most satisfying hobbies and if you remember to always have fun and be open to learning, you should excel at it!

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