8 Lucky Animals that will help you win a Jackpot

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On a daily basis, many people say “wish me lack” or “good luck,” yet some would argue that there is nothing as “luck” except chances. As it may seem, the fact remains that people believe in the existence of good luck. Every gambler, whether playing bingo, cards, lottery, online casino, or policy numbers believes in particular charms that can bring luck, particularly animals. It is high time to ditch the rabbit’s foot you have considered all this while and upgrade your belief to these 8 living animals that will probably being you good luck!

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1. Tortoise

One of the Feng Shui animals that exist across the world is the tortoise. Placing a figure or picture of one of the shells behind your home will bring you luck and financial stability. Since this animal is also recognized for its wisdom, it wouldn’t cost a dime to spend some time at the zoo talking some of your wishes with one of them.

2. Goldfish

In many cultures, goldfish are associated with wealth, fortune, and surplus due to the fact that its Chinese name has similar pronunciation as the term “wealth.” Having a painting or a tank of goldfish will increase your chances of living a good life you have always wished for. Goldfish also makes beautiful gifts to families and friends who are looking forward for successful life.

3. Dogs

When you meet a needy or a stray dog, take him in. Many people have dogs as their pets, but have never known their prosperity value. Welcoming a dog to your family will increase your prosperity and wealth as well as guide you through every life obstacle. As long as you have your dog by your side, never doubt you potential to win in the next game.

4. Cats

People associated all types of omen with kitties. For instance, black cats are believed to bring bad luck in some cultures, but good luck in others. The popular Jaspanese beckoning cat, always referred to as maneki-neko figurine, is associated with prosperity and financial stability. Another strangest superstitious omen is the idea of sneezing cats. Rumors has it that a sneezing cat in Italy would mean that money is right on your way. In fact lots of it! Unless you cat sneezes three times, then your house may be dump or full of dust.

5. Pigs

Pigs are known to be a common source of food to many cultures across the world. But there is more to it; people believe that pigs bring good luck. When you spot a pig in clover, be assured that you are yet to become very fortunate and probably lots of money is coming to you. This superstition has always been held truthful particularly by farming communities who associate pigs with profit.

6. Elephants

Another famous lucky animal is the elephant. The symbol of one of the big five is used in several cultures and religions including Buddhism and the Indian deity. Elephants are considered to be lucky charms and are associated with prosperity, fertility, success, and love. You can place an elephant statue or figurine on the book shelf or the coffee table as this will bring you good luck.

7. Horses

For their big role in winning battles and in advancing civilization, horses are believed to have powerful symbol. Having them in your life may help you advance in the gaming world as well.

8. Spiders

Just like the way a spider-web lures several prey for the spider, having or wearing a symbol of spider is believed to bring success and material gains. Next time you are going to play a game you might just consider putting a shirt with a spider sign.

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