Why is it Necessary to Transit from HTTP to HTTPS for the Casino Venture?

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Online Casinos are an exceptional form of entertainment. It gives you the thrill and excitement of playing while you’re in the comforts of your own home. But not all Online Casinos take your safety into consideration. This is where online casinos that offer HTTPS technology come into play so that you can play without having to worry about the security of your information or money!

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What is HTTPS Technology?

HTTP technology or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the way a computer takes the information you give it and sends it across the net to a server. When you sign up for a new email, the information you type is sent to the website offering you the email service by using HTTP. It’s been around for a long time, but sadly it is not too secure. Hackers and other maleficent people are able to intercept the information and get every detail you send through and HTTP. Doesn’t sound too fun, does it?

Enter HTTP’s more beefed up cousin – HTTPS. HTTPS is the cousin that wouldn’t let your info get bullied. It’s a lot stronger than HTTP and it’s even there in the name! HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It has secure in the name! Surely that’s a good thing.

What makes it secure?

HTTPS uses a modern technology called SSL or Secure Socket Layer to encrypt your information. In a way, it turns your information into a secret code before sending it across where the code will then be decoded to give the website the correct information. Thus, removing a chance a diabolic person will get your info as the coded info will be useless for them. Take that, hackers!

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Why use it?

It’s simple, HTTP is perfectly fine if you’re not sharing sensitive information. If you’re going to a news site, and you see it’s not HTTP. That’s okay, no need to panic, although nowadays almost every single site that has a signup sheet for a forum or a newsletter has HTTPS enabled. But when it comes to sites that use sensitive information like Online Casinos, you would be saving yourself a lot of trouble by making sure that the website uses SSL and HTTPS technology.

If you’re at an online casino or a shopping site that requires your payment detail and you don’t see an HTTPS before that www. Then do yourself a favor and close that tab and move on to one that gives you that security. If a payment portal where your payment details are entered aren’t using HTTPs technology, then cut loose and run to the hills. It may not be that site that steals your information, but your info could be stolen before it reaches the intended destination and stored away or even sold elsewhere without you being none the wiser!

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If an Online Casino doesn’t provide you with the security to guard your payment information, then they simply don’t deserve your business. You’d be risking things like credit card fraud, banking fraud, and even stolen identity. The pain all that brings is simply not worth the 5 seconds it will take you to find a casino that does care about your info.

Every bit of information you put out online is being sent and bounced across several servers, this is why the information needs to be guarded. Thankfully, modern-day technology such as SSL with HTTPS works to ensure your peace of mind. With the new technology being used by many casinos, your data is extremely secure. Whether it’s the address to your apartment in Wellington or your payment details, HTTPS enabled casinos and websites are making sure that the only people that see information like that are the ones that are supposed to enabling you to play with ease and win with security!

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