Virtual Reality May Have The Ability To Help Fight Gambling Addiction

June 26, 2018 Posted in News by No Comments

Virtual reality or VR has become very popular and has been the focus in the past. This was mainly regarding the way it might have an effect on the online casinos of the future. Scientists have taken VR another step farther. They believe it may be very useful in fighting the rather serious issue of gambling addiction. There are detailed descriptions below regarding the ways different VR may be used to help fight problem gambling.

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There are a lot more uses for virtual reality than just entertainment. Virtual reality has greatly increased in popularity with the gamers in spite of some of the drawbacks such as the expensive price tag of the VR gear. The gamers appear to be much more enchanted with the idea of the virtual worlds, the cutting edge technology and the simulated realities. The path to progression is bound to increase regardless of the price for the Oculus Rift.

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Scientists still believe virtual reality’s purpose will extend far beyond gaming to include fitness, training, therapy and marketing. This means even though the purpose may not be in the minds of the players, the researchers are convinced VR is going to extend far beyond the gaming industry. VR has currently been pegged as an extremely useful tool for fitness, music, marketing, training and most importantly helping people with gambling addictions. A good example is the scientific team from the Université du Québec en Outaouais’s Cyberpsychology Laboratory. This lab is currently working on ways to utilize virtual reality therapy as a way to fight gambling addictions.

The biggest question is the way VR might be used in the fight against gambling addictions. The Cyberpsychology Laboratory founder is Stephane Bouchard. She has discussed the different ways virtual reality would be effective against problem gambling including the fact a safe environment is created by VR. This would enable individuals with gambling addictions to face the gambling temptation at online casinos directly without giving into the temptation to gamble. Since the scenario is simulated, the doctors could maintain complete control over the VR world. Stephane Bouchard believes patients could be provided with extremely valuable information through the use of VR. This would show the patients exactly what their reactions would be in a real life situation. They would gain important insights into their progress while undergoing treatment. The main difference according to Stephane Bouchard is the doctors would remain in complete control during the simulated scenarios.

Virtual reality may very well have a plausible future. The majority of the current advancements in technology need time to be certain how effective they will be in the future. Virtual reality is no different in this sense. Many people have their own thoughts and ideas regarding the use of virtual reality. Some believe VR has the potential to become an important ally in fighting against gambling addictions while others do not. There are many different reasons for why some people believe VR will be successful in this situation or why it will not make a difference.

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