How you get rewarded in Casumo Casino´s Adventure

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Casumo Casino Offers You the Adventure of a Lifetime 

The Casumo Casino is a unique gambling site. This is because it offers a casino adventure, and you can make it work for you. Some people refer to this adventure as the Casumo Loyalty Program. 

Casumo Casino

  • NZ$1200 Welcome BONUS

However, unlike other loyal programs, the Casumo program offers you much more and rewards you for the money you spend. If you quit, your status is not lost like it is in most other online casinos.

The Casumo Casino Adventure is very special. It is like a journey. Unlike other casinos, your journey will continue if and when you choose. There are no strings attached. Most players want to continue playing at Casumo while they explore each world in this unique casino.

Back in 2012, Casumo created the casino adventure. This made the casino stand out from all of the other casinos. Casumo Casino was the first to introduce the concept of a full video game journey. This provides you with an avatar, You play. You gain your rewards. 

Your journey begins with a small Casumo character that pops on your screen. You will see a shiny, colorful world offering a progress bar a little below it. Here’s the great part. Each time you make a bet on any of the slots or even play on the slot tournament reel races, or if you just open up Casumo, you are awarded with points that increase the progress bar.

This amounts to each time you fill the progress bar, your levels move up, and you enter new worlds for your personal Casumo avatar.

The fantastic thing is that when you travel to these different worlds, you unlock free spin bonuses. You win free cash. You reload more bonuses to help you to continue. If you travel deeper into these worlds, you will receive better bonuses. 

It is important to remember that each time you play at the Casumo Casino, you collect points. These points will take you to higher levels in this adventure. Although you do not know how quickly you can fill the bar, you still know the procedure – the more you gamble, the faster it will fill up. This is the key reason you need to keep playing – you want to see what you will get when you reach the end of your journey. You can find out by making Casumo your top casino. Make Casumo Number One! 

To make your gambling even more exciting, there are some things you can to make that progress bar flowing. One of these is to participate in slot tournaments. The other is to collect trophies.

Once you become a player at Casumo, you will receive your own adventure page. This is where you will store different valuables and trophies. Trophies are less tangible than valuables. These are basically badges. You receive these for doing certain actions. An example, if you open the casino three days in a row, you get a big win on a specific NetEnt game. 

You have the chance to decide if you want to showcase your trophies or if you prefer to remain anonymous. You can purposely choose to get badges. Or, you can check periodically to see if you got new ones from time to time. They are there just to help you to track your progress as you play.

The Casumo valuables are the ones you really want to watch for. It is actually a casino bonus. It rewards you with free spins, deposit bonuses, or free cash. 

Casumo Casino offers you some fantastic play opportunities. All you need to do is sign in and be prepared to fill that progress bar!