How to Find Your Lucky Numbers

May 25, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The lucky numbers and numerology are really one of the most important things in the casino world.

Even though some of the players don’t enjoy superstitions and faith, but rather their own knowledge and strategies, other people actually swear by the angel numbers that are somehow destined uniquely for them!

There are so many numbers to choose from that you’re not even sure what is the number that is meant to shape your destiny and lead you into a better life.

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And it’s natural to feel confused and maybe even a little bit of lost but don’t worry, because today is your lucky day.

With this article, you can finally discover all about your numerology path.

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But, how exactly can you discover it and be 100% sure that you had made a good calculation?

The Birth Date Method

This birth date method is actually really popular all around the world.

So don’t be surprised if the whole calculation rings a bell.

Plus, it’s really easy and simple as well.

The fact that it’s not as confusing as some other methods are making it even better.

So, how exactly can you use this method in your next casino bets?

Easy. Take your birthday date and add all of the numbers that apply together.

Do this until you get a single number. 

Ex: 23/12/1985

2+3 = 5

1+2 = 3

1+9+8+5 =23

Now, add these together (5+3+2+3) and do that until your result is a single number. 

5+3+2+3 = 13

1+3 = 4

The lucky number of this specific date is number 4.

And this is one of the simplest methods because you can do it too.

Whatever the calculation results with, you need to have faith in it and be happy. Whether you have expected this or not. 

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Do the Numerology Methods Apply to Everyone?

The numerology should be seen as a science, in some way.

And yes, they do apply to everyone.

So, when you believe the other scientific branches, you need to believe in this one too.

There are many methods and practices that make the numerology what it truly is.

But, of course, you can’t blame this on everything that happens in your life.

Whether you need a life path and are stuck in the middle of nowhere, or you simply need to win the lottery; you need to try harder.

Look at these methods as a way to show your path; not to actually make you win the entire jackpot.

Numerology doesn’t use psychic methods; it just simply guides people in the paths that they are meant to be.

The important thing is to have faith in yourself and let the rest unfold as it should; this is the only way you can really win!