What Are the Types of Casino Slots?

May 11, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

When it comes to technology and casino, I’m sure that everyone is familiar with this combination.

Through the years, it grew more advanced and everyone started to love it.

Now, with its popularity, you can say that the slots are pretty much the best thing that has happened to the casino world.

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So how many types of this game it has?

What makes them different from the others?

Let’s find out! 

Three-Reel Classic Slots

This one is the oldest and the most popular type of slot everywhere.

The three-reeled slot, as the name itself says, is a slot game that has three reels.

The reels are the place where the slot symbols are showing; your win is based on them.

Even the original Charles Fey slot machine was designed with three reels. 

three reeled slot machine

Five-Reel Video Slots

After the three reels, the technology gave us the famous five reeled slot machine.

This one is very similar to the previous one that I have mentioned, except that, well, it has five reels.

The extra reels are giving you a chance to win a  bigger bet, and that is why many people prefer this one over the previous one.

This one also is themed, and you have a bigger range of choices than the previous one.

five reeled slots

Progressive Slots

Everyone is pretty familiar with this kind of slot game.

The progressive slot games are a regular slot, only that a percentage of the bet you’re placing is going to the big jackpot pool.

This pool is building and build up until someone wins it.

The jackpots that I’m talking about are a big amount of money, and that’s why its a lot harder to win it.

But, on the other hand, the progressive slots can be won ina snap of a finger. 

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3D Slots

The 3D slots have a three-dimensional storyline that brings out the new generation of slot technology.

This slot is relatively new, but even then, you can’t stop it from being the new’s favorite.

But, you can always find them online, and play them.

Then you will see that they are the real deal. 

VR Slots

Last but not least are the VR slots that are the newest of the newest.

As you all know, VR is Virtual Reality and for playing this slot, you will need special VR equipment in order to play the slot.

Headset and handles are the most basic equipment that you can have.

Even though these slots aren’t as developed just yet, I expect great things from this type in the future. Near future. 


The slot world is a really diverse place and you really have a wide variety of choices.

You certainly won’t get bored when it comes to slot games.

Thre are so many colors, themes, and jackpots that you will definitely enjoy around them.