Distinguishing Reputable Online Casinos for Payments

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When you’re picking an online casino to play in, there are a number of different factors which come up but the most important thing is whether or not the casino in question will actually pay you when you want them to do so. Most any gambler would want their winnings to to be paid out with maximum efficiency and security, and fortunately there are ways to distinguish between different casinos on these parameters. While you might have been able to guess about a few of these things, this article will clarify on exactly what you should be looking for in an online casino to determine if it’s reliable or not.

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The most important factor in getting timely payments is the site’s withdrawal times. Most reputed gambling sites have a relatively short time for which your withdrawal remains pending, and some sites will only keep transactions pending for a few hours. Others will have withdrawal times ranging between 24 and 72 hours, and you should check both what the site in question says about it as well as reviews of that site in order to come up with a realistic timeline. Playtech casinos generally have slightly longer withdrawal times, but generally this is not more than 4-5 business days.

US-based online casinos tend to take longer to pay out, and this can be up to a week or more before you get your funds. Ensure that you know the withdrawal times on a casino before wagering, or else the long wait time can diminish the excitement of actually winning.

Another thing to note is that most casinos offering bonuses will generally have play-through requirements, meaning that you’ll have to wager your bonus a certain number of times before it actually pays out. These requirements should be clear on any reputable site, and indeed some of the most persistent frustrations with payouts come from casinos which offer umpteen bonuses to their players and then take forever to pay up.

Most casinos also have withdrawal limits, and these should be listed clearly on the site. Sometimes these are daily limits, while others are weekly or monthly. If you’ve won a significant amount of money, you’ll probably be excited to withdraw it all at once and disappointed to know that you might not be able to do so. The best online casinos will have limits ranging between NZ$ 5,000 and 30,000 per month, but there are some which have much lower limits and in that case it will take quite some time to get all of your funds. There’s a widespread belief that even reputed online casinos are reluctant to pay out, but the fact is that reliable payouts are essential to player retention.

Any casino worth your time will have multiple withdrawal methods, typically based on how you funded your account to begin with. A reputable online casino will have credit and debit card options, as well as various e-payment gateways and wire transfers. This will also affect withdrawal times, as different payment processors have varying processing times and policies. Typically, e-payment gateways are the quickest way to get your money, with Skrill and Neteller being practically instantaneous after the casino has processed your transaction. If you don’t see a diverse array of payment options on an online casino that you’re thinking of signing up for, you should look elsewhere because there are plenty who will give you sufficient options.

Some online casinos will have withdrawal fees, so you should look out for this. Don’t worry too much about this one, because even some reputable online casinos will have these. Sometimes this is on every withdrawal, while others only charge fees once you’ve exceeded the free withdrawal limit. Unless you’re getting payed by check or or wire transfer, this fee should not exceed more than 2% in a reputable casino. This might not seem like much, but if you’re making multiple withdrawals then it can eat up quite a bit of your winnings.

The most important factor in finding a reliable online casino is whether or not you’ve done your homework before signing up. That means that you should take a thorough look around the site in question, and also look up reviews for the same before making any decision.

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