The Tricks Casinos Use to Keep You Playing

July 24, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

People are usually quite decisive when it comes to whether or not to enter a casino.

Additionally, casinos have never faced issues such as lack of initial clientele or players.

However, getting your players to stay longer at the casino can be tricky.

If people stay longer, they will bet more money.

Thus, the casino will make more profits and increase its competitiveness.

In the following list, you can find several tricks the casinos use to make your stay longer.

Offering Free Stuff

The first and probably most important thing casinos do is offer free coupons, discount vouchers, or drinks.

By giving you something for free, they make you feel appreciated and happy.

So, even though you are losing money, you will feel like you are getting something in return for it.

When it comes to coupons and vouchers, they are usually related to the casino’s marketing campaign.

As a player, you can either get a discount for buying chips or get coupons for free games.

Anyhow, the best psychology trick of casinos is offering free drinks.

three people sitting and playing the slot machines

By giving out drinks for free, they make you stay longer and spend more money on the slots or the other games.

There are even people who believe that they can benefit from this free stuff.

But once they start playing, they forget about their initial idea.

Announcements of Big Prices and Jackpots

Another great tactic to get you to keep playing is when casinos announce a big win or a jackpot.

They do this by displaying it on the big screen, so everyone can see it and hear it.

Psychologically speaking, this will make you feel like you are close to achieving that same thing.

If someone else could do it, so can you.

So, as a player, you will continue to spend your money with the thought that you are the next jackpot winner.

Special and Influential Interior Design

Casinos are designed in a special way to keep your attention and retain you from leaving.

First of all, they are designed as a labyrinth.

So, when you try to leave, you have to go through all the games once again.

luxurious casino room with purple lightning

And it is usually quite hard to resist the slots.

Additionally, the inside of the casino is colorful, with bright lights and colors.

It is comfortable and extremely relaxing so that players would enjoy their stay.

They also insert higher levels of oxygen to keep you awake and concentrated, as you are ready to play more.

Finally, there are no clocks and windows at any casino.

They do this so that players lose track of time and remember only that they are having a great time.

High-end Service and Personnel

Last but not least, casinos put great focus on hiring attractive, friendly faces whose presence is preferred by the players.

However, being polite is not enough for the casino staff.

Another great trick is the casino’s slow service.

The personnel is taught to keep you waiting because the longer you wait, the more you will stay.

To sum up, casinos have numerous tricks to make you happy and increase your stay.

Even though we call them tricks, there are world-wide accepted ways of work.

It is no secret what the casinos are doing.

However, it is quite interesting to read about it and notice these things the next time you visit a casino.