The Game Of Thrones Online Casino Game

May 7, 2019 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

The Game of Thrones Series is one of the most popular television shows in the world today. Because of the popularity of the television series, an online casino game developer called Microgaming decided to get the rights from HBO and create a casino game based on the show.

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The game, called the Game of Thrones Slots, was released in 2014. The game is popular because it has 15 paylines, and there are 243 ways for the player to win. There are also many bonuses and free spins in the game, making it easier to conquer. Free versions of the game can be found online, and people can try it to see if they would like to play it.

The themed Slot machines from HBO are very popular with casual gamers, and recently, a slot machine based on the Vikings was also introduced. The Game of Thrones slots have two versions – the first one has 15 paylines, and the second one has 243 ways to win. When looked at first glance, the games are similar and identical, but there are major differences within the games.

The two versions differ on the minimum bet and the maximum winnings. For the 15 paylines, the minimum bet is at $0.15, and the maximum bet is at $15. The maximum prizes for those who are playing the game in 15 paylines are $75,000. For the 243 paylines, the minimum bet is at $0.30, and the maximum bet is at $6. The maximum winnings are around $121,000.

The reason behind the differences in the number of winnings that can be taken home is the difficulty of the game. For those who are playing the 15 paylines version, they would notice that playing this game is easier compared to its 243 paylines counterpart. Players would only need to set the coin size, and selecting a number of coins that should be placed in the line. Lastly, the amount of bet should be verified.

The winnings hugely depend on the amount of bet that was placed, and to sum it up, the larger the bets, the bigger payout will be released for the players. The winnings are also shown in cash, making it easier to look at and determine how much more the player should make.

What happens when you play the game? This is an example scenario. Say, you will place a bet of €0.15. The letter symbols would give you a price from €0.02 to €1, while the house symbols could get you from €0.12 to €10. The iron throne is what you should watch out for because it gives the highest amount of prices. The bets that you placed will be multiplied to 200, and you can also receive bonus games.

Your luck should be working perfectly to take these bonuses, and you need to watch out for other things that would make the game too fun to play while at the same time, too difficult.

There is also an active Gamble Trail Feature, allowing the players to double their winnings up to four times. To summarize, you will be given 16 times of chances to double the winnings. But you should remember that one wrong guess would ruin everything, so be careful.

The 243 paylines, on the other hand, has a more complicated calculation for the winnings, but the end price will be much higher that than regular 15 paylines.

To sum it up, the Game of Thrones Slots is a fun way to play online casino games, especially if you are a Game of Thrones fan. It is highly recommended to those who are huge fans of the series who wanted to have a good time. You should go online now and start playing this game, and see where your luck will bring you.