The Best Gambling Inspired Tattoos Ever

June 25, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The tattoos are an inevitable part of our everyday lives.

Whether you’re on the bus and notice it on a stranger’s hand or you have one by yourself, they aren’t as taboo as they once were.

And that’s a really good thing, if you ask me.

In the everyday world, as well as in the casino world, people are really starting to love them.

And believe me when I tell you that gambling-themed tattoos are epic!

It doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t seen one from up close; you just know that they are!

Las Vegas, cards, poker chips, anything that you like.

Your imagination can run wild when it comes to tattoo topics, and the best thing is that they stay on forever!

And that’s why here are the best and most legendary casino tattoos on the internet. 

The Huge Back Tattoo

This is, without an argument, the best and greatest tattoo in the whole casino world.

Every little corner of the tattoo is well-thought because it says a story.

Be it the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’, the burning casino cards, or the huge roulette wheel.

You just can’t get your eyes off of it.

The tattoo by itself is intense and it feels like it an speak.

In one word, legendary! 

casino tattoo on someone's back

The Mysterious Gambler

At first glance, this tattoo may not seem that special, but believe me, it is.

The man that represents the tattoo is sitting silently and observing; it’s like you can almost feel his presence.

And yet, you cant!

Of course, he has no face, so that leaves you wondering as well.

The ideas and the possibilities of who this gambler is are endless.

What does he feel?

Is he gonna win the round? 

casino tattoo

Card Girl

When women and casino games combine, its a unique combination.

And it’s definitely unique in its own good and magnificent way.

And that’s exactly what this tattoo represents.

The power of the eyes and the woman.

The girl is hiding half of her face behind a stash of cards, adn she is smoking a cigarette.

The overall black tattoo with pints of red on her lips and nails makes it the perfect tattoo; both for owning it and gazing at it! 

a woman tattooed on someone's arm

Chips, Cards, and Bold Colors

The color alone on this tattoo is breathtaking.

The rich red color of it along with the 3D effect really makes it a worthy one.

Even though its the last on our list, it certainly isn’t the least one.

The dollars, the cards, and the poker chips; everything is on point.

casino tattoo

If you put it simply, it has a story behind it.

That’s what makes it special, and it makes you wonder as well! 

Imagine the courage you’ve got to have for these tattoos.

After all, they are supposed to make a statement about the person, and that’s exactly what are these tattoos doing.

Like them or not, you certainly can’t deny that they are really something