New Member Winning Over £1.3 Million

August 8, 2018 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments
Opportunity, opportunity for the unlikely to become likely is something that lurks in the back of every humans mind, yet as we all know most of the time the likely never happens. However, no matter how much people deny it, most individuals have an internal scream for the unlikely to become likely, because that desire lies within the core of all human curiosity.

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Sometimes, the actual excitement associated with a likely occurring is more satisfying than the actual event itself. On the other hand, one individual would disagree with the previously mentioned statement. The reason why the person would disagree with the statement is because of the their recent win from the Slots Heaven Casino (online slots). The lucky player won a large sum on money.

Just think about it, for one brief moment in time the unlikely became likely and it came in the form of online slots. When you think about online slots there are good feelings of fun and excitement all in a nice package of possibility and chance. The recipe combination of good feelings, possibility, excitement and chance are what yields the amount of fun that can be gained by using the online Slots Heaven Casino. There is one individual that happened to experience all of those wonderful things and a lot more, because they happen to be the lucky winner of a progressive jackpot from Slots Heaven Casino online. That is right, this lucky individual was able to walk away with 1.37 million pounds, which is a massive amount of money to win on an online slot game. The online casino provided fortune to this lucky player who happened to experience the unlikely becoming likely in the form of a jackpot win. It would seem that this lucky individual has quite a bit of pocket change to make quite a few dreams come true.

Just think, there are a lot of things that we as human want to secretly do in our lifetime and some of us actually write it down on a list. As you know these things that we want to accomplish or have fun doing in life is referred to as the proverbial bucket list. The list could be short or long, but let’s face it most of us know that it takes money to accomplish some things on those list. Well, depending on how extensive or intricate the winner’s list was, they now have money to help them achieve some of the things on that bucket list from Slots Heaven Casino progressive online slot.


Wow put yourself for a brief moment in the winner’s shoes, wouldn’t it be absolutely great to experience that likely occurring from the unlikely in the form of £1,371,621. Can you even imagine, you are playing Slots Heaven Casino online and you happen to get a message on your screen saying that you won £1,371,621. How would you feel if you were to receive a large money prize like that, for some individuals that kind of money could be absolutely life-changing. What is really interesting about the story of the individual that won the money, is that he was a member for only a four day period. Wow can anyone say the word lucky? This guy happened to be playing the online progressive Gladiator Jackpot Slot (powered by playtech) and he walks away with a whopping amount of money. The online Gladiator Jackpot Slot is a full package online slots that has features such as a bonus game, spins that are free, multipliers, scatters, wilds and so much more. Wow, you just never know when fortune might hit so make sure that yourself open for good things to happen because, they just might make something unlikely likely to happen.

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