How to Protect Yourself from Fake Mobile Casinos and Apps

August 16, 2019 Posted in News, Tips by No Comments

Fake casinos and apps are becoming a major problem on the Internet these days. This is due to the fact that it’s a potentially lucrative scam for scammers because it could potentially give them direct access to a player’s bank account or credit account information. Just about any time that it’s necessary to use a credit card or bank account on the Internet, it’s going to be important to be savvy and protected. Here are some options that players have for being safe and staying away from scams that target mobile or desktop casino users that could help to keep you safe.

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Do Your Research

It’s important to never take a casino site’s word for anything without verifying it first. Do an Internet search of reviews for the site in order to make sure that they are on the up and up. This includes checking sites like the Better Business Bureau or the equivalent in other countries, for example. But it’s also going to be a fine idea to check for third-person review sites. The best is often going to be to read the actual customer comments. If these comments are chock full of people complaining about the casino taking their money and never giving it back or never paying out money for winnings, then it’s a good bet that the casino online is a scam.

If you’re getting the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, obviously looking at the reviews on the page where you download the game is a good idea.

Watch the Withdrawals

One good thing to do in order to check the veracity of a site or app is to see what the minimum is, as well as what the payout delay times are like. The restrictions are going to be important to look at, for example. If a site or app has an instant payout, for example, this is often a good sign. If you’re using a protected method like bitcoin or something else, you can even try it yourself just to confirm that the money ends up in your account at a reasonable speed.



It also helps if the site or app you play on has extras. This is because more legitimate and just better games will offer more loyalty perks to you going there. Obviously, they shouldn’t be wildly over the top, as this will actually be a bad sign that the app or game isn’t on the level at all. But, reasonable perks that are equivalent to many others that are out there like a 100% matching bonus for new customers is often a strong sign that you have a good app.

More Than One Game

Another important thing to look for is that there are a variety of games available. If a site is constantly updating their games and adding more and more games all the time, this is often a good sign. If the sites were fraudulent, then the likelihood is that the games wouldn’t do business with them. The only games that would do business with them would be games that are ‘in on it.’ Therefore, the more games you see on some app, the better off you’re going to be in general in terms of safety.

Overall, the key is to make sure that you pay attention to what the Internet and even your own instincts are saying about a particular site or mobile app, and this will go along way to making sure you stay safe.