Gambling Luck 101: How To Win At Gambling

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In the world of gambling, there has always been a belief that some people are lucky by doing certain gestures, carrying a certain cloth, or simply by chanting a silent mantra. There are some interestingly unknown ways of attracting luck that few are aware of. Let’s take a look at some of these esoteric ways to obtain gambling luck.

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Gambling Days
Based on the day of the week that you were born is where you can start to find luck. If you were born on a Monday then you shouldn’t go to a casino on a Wednesday. Chances are you will walk away empty handed or with minimal winnings. The gambler who use this technique is regarded as lucky because they seem to always be “In the zone”. This method is used if you know the exact day that you were born on.

Successful gamblers often take a pinch of salt with them t gamble, the idea is that salt banishes away negative and bad energy surrounding the gambler. Now just carrying salt will not do the trick, you have to throw the salt over the left shoulder while facing forward and that symbolizes all the bad staying behind you so you can win quickly. The salt method is one of old renown in that when a gambler is often having bad luck, he or she is told to go in the bathroom and throw salt over the shoulder and never look back. Suddenly, the winnings start coming back.

White Shoe Strings Untied
It is known amongst circles that dabble in luck charms that the wearing of black shoestrings to a casino or any venue that deals with gambling is a way to bring bad luck. This is because the black is seen as evil and negative and to wear them on your feet is a bad sign. It is believed that the most successful gamblers often wear white shoe strings to denote purity and luck or simply no shoestrings at all. Slippers or shoes without strings are the choices of those who seek success. The shoestrings being ties is a sign that the money will be tied up as well and not able to flow to you, no matter what colour the string is. So the method is to uncross the shoe strings, preferably white, and play away.

A Copper Fish
Supposedly carrying a fish made of copper is a way of attracting luck as well. If you have a copper fish in your pocket then you have a great chance of attracting wealth. The fish symbolize movement in the water and the water itself symbolizes the may ways of gambling. movement is life for the fish, therefore, wearing the copper fish is a sure way to produce movement in the casino or gambling venue that you attend. the reason for the copper is that copper is the metal of the gambling deities that preside over luck and chance. This symbolizes the union of you and the deity. To have any other metal or stone for the fish will prove disastrous to your winnings at the casino.

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There are many ways to obtain luck and this is just a few of the rather esoteric ways and the ways that are often kept secret by that who would rather keep them for themselves and win the money. Whatever your choice of which method to use is up to you. Make sure that you find one that works for you as you will often rely on that same method again in the future as the wining began to take form.

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