About Gambling Addiction and Signs!

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Imagine a relaxing night in spent playing games in an online casino. It could be a nice way to forget about the work day, the world, and daily stress. There’s no doubt that gambling can be fun, an escape even, but what about that person that doesn’t know when to stop? The person that can’t pay their bills? That’s when the trouble starts.

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A person with a gambling addiction may not know they have one. Much like any other addiction, it can start out as a good time before things spiral out of control. A good gauge to help discern between normal gambling activity and an addiction is to have a person ask themselves whether they can stop today. If this question is met with anxiety or the feeling that they have to try just one more time, it’s likely that they are dealing with a gambling addiction.

A person with a gambling addiction may exhibit symptoms similar to feeling the need to be secretive or hide their gambling, the inability to resist the urge to gamble, gambling even when they do not have the finances to do so, or their family or friends are expressing concern. It’s not uncommon for someone else to recognize a problem before they do, but when one or more of these symptoms are present a person may need to seek professional help.

An unaddressed addiction can develop into anxiety or depression as well as their control slips further and further away. In addition to that, a gambling addiction can turn into other addictions as the person tries to cope with their situation. It’s not uncommon for a person with a gambling addiction to turn to drugs or alcohol as they try to cope.

The good news is that there is hope! There are plenty of treatment options available to deal with any addiction. Finding a support group is a great option for someone considering change, and since this group is more supportive than it is therapeutic it can be a less intimating first step. Seeking therapy is also recommended though, as stopping an addiction is not easy to do alone.

Through therapy a person will deal with the deeper issues that may have been involved in the development of the addiction, as well as learn new ways to cope. Talking to a treatment provider may result in medication to help alleviate any depression or anxiety that may have come from the gambling addiction. Rather than there being just one “cure”, treatment of an addiction often involves many different methods.

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