Fairness At Online Casinos: A Player’s Guide to Legit Casino Games

March 11, 2019 Posted in News, Online Safety by No Comments

One of the most common concerns of online casino players today is whether the online casinos they choose are legit or not. Thankfully, the online gaming industry is one that has continued to evolve with the times, and as such they have put auditors in the field to verify the fairness and reliability delivered by online casinos currently in operation.

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This alone has done many things, including providing the opportunity to expose the unrighteous casinos know to rip off players. Not to mention, save the time of player by not having to worry about making attempts that would only lead to poor experiences. It’s one industry in the world that takes their customers seriously, and it just happens to target gambling directly.

Keep in mind that while it is rarer today than it has ever been before, there are still shady online casinos out there. They utilize rigged software designed to beat players out of their money most of the time. So, in order to prevent you from becoming the next victim, let’s look at the fail-safes currently in place.

Casino Player Fairness Systems Explained

Leave it to the Bitcoin world to reinvent the level of fairness seen by online casino players today. This is done by using what’s formally known as “provably fair” technology. It eliminates cheating vulnerabilities of online casino games. This is done with the usage of encryption which in its own sense, allow players to control each game’s outcome. You’ll find this used at Bitcoin casinos online.

How do player fairness systems at online casinos work?

It’s not as complex as one might think. In order to help you fully understand it easily, we broke it down into a step-by-step process below. It’s the same approach used by casinos online who embrace this new method of ensuring player fairness.

  1. Players type in their own client seed or use JavaScript to generate one randomly.
  2. The server seed is generated and displayed to the player prior to starting the round.
  3. Once these seeds are generated and set, they’re combined using a random number generator (RNG) which determines the outcome of the game. This can be used with all online casino games including, but not to be limited to cards, dice, and slots.
  4. Original server seed is displayed for the reader to verify that it matches.
  5. Verification by the player is an option should one feel the need to do a such thing.

Casino Player Protection Systems Explained

We’ve just looked at fairness systems and the impact they can have on the industry in favor of its players. One question remains unanswered though. What happens if the casino promises to do something, but fails to do it? What can be done to hold accountability and make it right for players?

This is more common than you might think. While they’ve had to put limits in place to ensure players don’t overspend themselves, what exactly has been put in place for the enforcement of fair gaming online for all? The answer is a few things such as development of casino fairness certifications, implementing independent auditors for a comprehensive analysis of online gaming systems, and the invention of a Central Disputes System for Realtime Gaming Casinos online.

An alternative organization for other types of online casinos is eCOGRA. It’s more advanced than the Central Disputes System actually. Unlike the Central Disputes System where many failed to receive what they were entitled to rightfully; positive results seem to be the commonality with eCOGRA in the mix.

Independent Audits of Online Gaming Software

Independent auditors who have attained certification have become a necessity within the online gambling community. They’re able to probe deeper into online casinos without being biased when it comes to offering their findings and professional opinion. It’s also a lot more reliable since there are guidelines set forth that auditors of online casinos must follow in order to continue auditing.

If you want assurance when it come to the likeliness of you being done right by an online casino, look for the results of their audits done by independent auditors of online casinos. Don’t have any? Hop onto the next opportunity, there’s plenty of online casinos that have no problem showing off results of audits.