Everything You Need to Know About Progressive Slots

July 13, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

Nowadays, progressive casino slot machines have become a major online gambling hit.

If you are want to earn a better gambling prize, you need to consider the progressive slots.

More exactly, when a player uses these slots, the jackpot grows progressively.

Thus, each player increases the maximum available winning.

Following, you can find a detailed explanation of what progressive slots are, the types of progressive slots and the odds of winning on these machines are.

The Basics of Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are machines with an increased portion of bets to increase the progressive jackpot.

To be more specific, when the machine is first installed, it gets an initial jackpot higher than zero.

Then, with each player placing his/her bet, the jackpot amount grows.

slot machines

The total increases by a percentage of the bet set by the casino, or develop progressively.

And that’s the root of these slots’ name.

Like any other slot, the progressive ones have a jackpot limit as well.

Once it is reached, the slot pays out a jackpot.

Then, the whole process begins again.

But how can you know the amount you are playing for?

Well, here’s when the progressive jackpot meter takes place.

Progressive Jackpot Meter

The jackpot meter, or a jackpot ticker, is a progressive slots’ feature.

It displays the size of the jackpot on the machine.

It is truly engaging to players because it is continually changing and it flashes large winning amounts.

Types of Progressive Slots

As explained before, each coin invested by a player feeds the progressive jackpot.

However, there are several distinct types of progressive slots that work differently.

• Standalone Progressives

The standalone progressive is an isolated machine. This means that the jackpot can be increased only by playing on that particular device. Thus, the stand-alone always features the lowest jackpots.

• Local/Linked Progressives

Unlike the standalone, the local progressives can only be implemented in land-based casinos. When we speak of local progressives, we think of a network of slots within a short distance. Usually, they are based in a single casino or a resort.

The linked progressives offer higher jackpot than the standalone. Anyhow, not as large as the networked progressives.

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• Wide-Area/Networked Progressives

The wide-area progressive connects numerous locations to a single jackpot. These slots build the jackpot prize quickly and lead to the largest winnings.

In a way, the progressive slots of all types are similar to the lottery.

They present large prizes, but the odds of winning are long.

The Odds of Winning on a Progressive Slot

We try to be as open as possible. So, we will tell you that the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are extremely low.

But, it happens.

There is no specific systematic approach or strategy that might get you there.

So, no matter how large the jackpot is, you cannot guess when it will payout.

Remember that the prize is enormous.

So even though there is a small possibility, hitting the jackpot is better than winning the lottery.

The best tip you can get for progressive slots is to play when the jackpot is massive.

Anyhow, you will not be the only one playing.

All gamblers are familiar with this strategy, so be prepared to compete.