Celebrities Who Play Poker

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Poker is a well-known game globally.

Certain celebrities love to play poker. Below you can find a list of celebrities who play poker.

Everyone knows about it and there is a reason why; it’s so good and awarding.

Well, among those people, the A-list Hollywood celebrities aren’t immune to this casino game.

They play it for fun because money is one thing that they already have.

Here are some of the world-known poker celebrities.

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Ben Affleck

Every list like this has to mention Ben Affleck.

The Oscar-winning actor is a very popular poker player in the gambling world because, as people say, he is a very nice and pleasant opponent.

  He doesn’t play with everyone; Ben Affleck play in private villas with stars that are in his range.

The minimum bet on these celebrity poker events is $100K.

ben affleck

Matt Damon

Matt’s poker hobby started in the late 90s when he needed to learn how to play poker for the role.

And so he did.

He spent around $25000 in order to learn how to gamble and since then, he regularly goes on poker tournaments to try his luck.

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Some people say that he’s not the best at this but he doesn’t care, as long as he is having fun.

matt damon

Tobey Maguire

If nothing, I’m sure you know Tobey Maguire by his world-famous roll in Spider-Man in 2002.

Well, this star has been playing poker on a daily basis since 2004.

He has won a lot of money and many say that he is one tough opponent.

Apparently, he is really good at this.

But, there’s a catch; Tobey always refuses to play unless his Shuffle Master joins the game.

It’s a machine that shuffles the cards really well so that there aren’t any scams or tricks.

Fair play.

tobey maguire

Kevin Hart

The famous comedian and actor plays poker occasionally in Monte Carlo.

He personally said that this hobby is just for fun because ‘the poker community is an opportunity for everyone to see how fun and friendly life can be’ and has won $48000 so far.

He even played with Dan Bilzerian once, the famous Instagram star who got rich because of poker, and beat him!

kevin hart

Neymar Jr.

Who thought that sport stars have time for hobbies like a casino?

This Brazilian football legend enjoys this fun activity regularly alongside his colleagues Gerard Pique and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He even made an appearance at World Series of Poker too.

neymar jr.

Shannon Elizabeth

 You probably know her from the American Pie films.

Last but not least, Shannon often describes poker as ‘her second career’ and doesn’t plan on stopping it. Someone may say that it’s an addiction but she disagrees.

In 2007, she ended up third in the Heads-Up Poker Championship but since then she hasn’t had any particular successes.

shannon elizabeth

Even the stars know what’s good.

Poker is an excellent hobby for fun, and for winning some big bucks.

It surely is a win-win.

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