Amazing Facts About the Famous WSOP

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The famous WSOP (World Series of Poker) is an event that many casino gamblers and poker fans just can’t wait to happen.

And to be honest, they have every right to do so.

Such an exciting and fun way to mark the year is by watching professional poker players try their best and gamble for the biggest money in their lives.

Who can blame them, really?

And these few facts about this famous tournament that never gets old are just a reason plus in order to love it even more. 

Phil Hellmuth Is the Person That Has Won the Most WSOP Bracelets

Maybe you know, or maybe you aren’t really familiar with the name Phil Hellmuth.

But, he has the right to be in the Hall of Fame, as well as be the most famous poekr player.

poker table


Because with his poker talent, he has the biggest number of WSOP bracelets.

Their money worth doesn’t matter.

What really matters is the honor and the famous string he got when he was announced with this title.

He has 15 bracelets; meaning that he has won this tournament 15 times.

Isn’t that amazing? 

The Most Expensive Bracelet Is Worth More Than $500,000

While the first was worth no more than only $500, the most expensive one is $500,000.

It’s decorated with diamonds, gold and silver, and who knows, maybe it’s worth even more.

Since the price of this item is still under debate, this price is questionable.

And it’s definitely nothing short of thrilling! 

The Biggest Win Was $12 Million

Look, $12 million is definitely not a small amount of money.

But, imagine if you win them in a poker tournament.

Now that’s something else entirely. In 2006, the famous Jamie Gold won this money and of course, he doesn’t regret one bit of it!

Even his surname talks the same way.

He got famous and rich in just a matter of moments.

professional poker players

This win evidently went into the poker book of records; anyone would want the same thing. 

2006 Was the Year With the Most Contestants

Since 2006 is the year with so many records when it comes to the WSOP tournament.

Another one definitely won’t be a bad thing.

That year is also very famous for its number of contestants.

Apparently, almost 9,000 people attended this tournament in order to win a bracelet.

Since then, there hasn’t been an event with that many poker players! 

Whether you were absolutely amazed by these facts or you have already known them.

You definitely can’t deny that they are the spirit of the WSOP. and we are talking about big money here as well; in reality, that the biggest factor as to why so many people attend it.

Anyone who has poker talent has the right to attend it.

Why not be at such a spectacular moment and possibly win a fortune?