3 Reel vs 5 Reel Slots in NZ

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Slots are the number one games available online. Each Online Casino will have various slots to choose from than any other online game. With thousands of online slot systems from which individuals can select, making a decision is not that easy. Everyone has their tests and preferences when it comes to choosing slots.

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While there are various factors to consider in slot machine selection, an excellent way to whittle down the list of potential systems is to figure out and decide whether a 5 reel or 3 reel slot will work best. As players begin their slots adventures, here are some of the factors they might want to consider whether to play 5-reel VS 3-real slot games.

3 Reel Slots


3 slots are the most common and recognizable gambling systems since they are usually simple by design and appearance. They only have three basic reels and one pay line. The three slots are well known for having spinning wheels that are similar to the older slots. Some individuals prefer playing Casino systems with actual spinning reels, but due to technological advancements, such machines are just for a show. The three reels are controlled and managed by a computer random access memory which determines where to stop the moment individuals press the spin button. The entire spinning process is just there to please Casino players. These types of slots often have lower bonuses and jackpots than the 5 reel video slots since it has many combinations that can result in higher payouts.

Advantages of 3 Reel Slots


  • It contains uncomplicated game-play that is simple and recognizable. They only have one pay line and minimum gambling options that make them easy and simple to play and understand.
  • They provide a higher winning frequency than the five reel slots. Most of the three reel slot machines come with fewer coin jackpots making it possible to offer successive wins throughout the playtime.
  • The systems are a bit limited when it comes to gambling options meaning the games are enjoyable and allows you to plan your budget.

5 Reel Slots


The 5 reel slot games tend to be more popular with its customers and players since they have much more to offer in terms of special features and the way of playing. They contain five reels, and they have multiple pay lines. These Casino systems come with very few features, and sometimes they may come with none at all. However, it is common to find these systems with various features such as free spins, scatters, wilds and bonuses. When individuals are planning to have a look at the 5 reel slots they will want to be sure with what they are going to play since these systems tend to have more rules and features. These slots can be played for free or any amount. If players like the idea of having different playing games and options, they should go for a 5 reel slot. Also, these slots have various ways of providing a chance to win a progressive jackpot.

Advantages of 5 Reel Slots

  •  They feature more pay lines and more reels offering players with various ways of winning.
  •  Since five reel slots are generally video slots, their interface and graphics tend to be far more exciting. Some of   the games even feature video clips from movies they are extracted from or based on. This creates a sense of entertainment that three slots do not have.
  •  Five reel slots also provide more extras and bonuses.

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