Texas Holdem Card Game History – The More You know

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Texas Holdem is the most popular card poker game and is generally the most common poker variant that is played in casinos. 

Many people enjoy playing Texas Holdem poker games either in a land-based casino or through online casino platforms.

However, the majority of people do not know the history of this poker game and how it became so popular over time.

Now, this game is used for the main event of the World Series of Poker.

Also, it is the main game in the World Poker Tour that hosts international poker tournaments all around the world. 

Texas Holdem Card Game

Origins of the Texas Holdem Poker name and the game

Actually, there is no precise evidence of where this game first appeared.

However, it is obvious that this game is founded in Texas.

Some legend says that the first version of this game is played by Robstown in the early 1900s.

There is also a story that this game comes from Dallas, Texas for the first time in 1925.

The world Poker comes from the German word ‘pochen’, which means, “to knock”.

The popularity of the Texas Holdem Game

By some Texan gamblers, Texas Holdem poker is introduced to Las Vegas.

Some of those gamblers are very popular such as Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson, and Amarillo Slim. 

The game become popular in 1970 when some popular casinos by Benny Binion were opened in Las Vegas – the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino

As time passed, not only that the popularity of this game has risen, but also some new game manner was developed.

Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments

It is not strange that the game gained the most popularity when poker tournaments occurred.

The first Texas Holdem Poker tournament started with Binion that accepted a small invitational tournament from Riverside Casino.

Eight players participated in the World Series of Poker tournament in 1972.

Three years later, the number of players increased even up to 800.

Despite that, statistics show that, over recent years, the popularity of televised tournaments has grown rapidly as well.

Therefore, Texas Holdem poker become a part of mainstream television that people enjoyed watching. 

The first player who won the World Series of Poker which was the main event in 2003 was Chris Moneymaker. 

The reason why he is so popular and important for Texas Holdem history is because he achieved his success through an online poker site. 

He won the incredible award of $2,5 million dollars and it affected the growth of poker worldwide. 

The Rise of the Game We Know Today

Online poker started growing incredibly fast and Texas Holdem Poker is the game that many players enjoy. Actually, there is no gambler that did not try this poker version. 

Additionally, with the wide range of promotions that online casinos offer to their players, the game attracted so many new users.

Some of those promotions are probably familiar to the players such as welcome bonus, sign-up bonus, deposit, and no deposit bonuses, etc,

Players can take advantage of these online casino gifts and improve their winning chances.