How do Online Roulette Strategies Work?

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Online Roulette Strategies

It may seem that online Roulette games depend merely on luck alone, but there are some tactics you can apply. Of course, strategies are mostly applied to card games like Blackjack and Poker where you can affect the outcome.

Still, playing online Roulette relates to strategies in other senses of the word. You can apply tactics regarding the betting options, bet limits, and types of bets you place. Without further delay, join us on the mission to bring the best online Roulette tactics to you!

Best tips on Playing Online Roulette

Playing Roulette games on online casinos in NZ can result in great losses that are mostly related to gameplay that you can’t affect. However, you can hedge the game by making some bets that are more beneficial than the others. Also, it’s a good idea to play live casino roulette provided by Ezugi.

In the online Roulette world, there are many tactics you can apply to rich versions of the game. You just need to find the appropriate game variants and follow our lead to make the most out of each session. For a good start, you must find the Roulette games with the following aspects:

  • Variety of Roulette betting options
  • French bets available
  • Cheval options and corner bets
  • Live stream Roulette from real casinos

These are just the starting tips for playing online Roulette in 2021. In the rest of this guide, we will also mention other related tactics to help you become an online Roulette winner! Even so, online Roulette is an unpredictable game and you should always at least ensure not to lose more than you can afford.

With that being said, let’s get right into it and describe what waits for Roulette players that apply some strategy!

Tactics on playing online Roulette

We won’t be focusing on some old-fashioned strategies like the Fibonacci sequence and doubling up of the even bets. We will rather take a look into some aspects that you can control in the round of online Roulette.

That’s why it is important to avoid the RNG-generated games and go for the live stream variants. This way, at least you will have a fair chance at the game as the dealer controls the drop. Other variants that work based on RNG could be rigged and there is no point in applying tactics in such games.

Take all the bets into consideration

When playing live online Roulette, there are numerous bets you can place. Single number bets surely do pay the most as the payout for this kind of bet is x35. However, it’s tough to hit such a bet and your chances of winning are slim.

Of course, this type of bet also brings the highest payout in the game, so high risk is logical. Still, you can try some other types of online Roulette bets like double and triple chances. These bets won’t bring you such high payouts, but they can result in some profit achieved.

Always make the best bet that suits your bankroll so that you avoid making a mistake. Also, quality bets relate to combining the high-risk bets on low stakes with higher stakes on low-risk bets. This way, you can at least ensure that you don’t lose money in a round of online Roulette.

Count on Cheval options as well

The split bets in Roulette also known as cheval can greatly help you form some wins on the game. You can place this bet between any two numbers on the board and the payout will be accordant. It increases your chances of winning on number bets while odds remain convenient at x17 rate.

Also, you can place bets on 4 numbers at the same time by placing a cheval bet in the center of the 4-number board. Other bets related to this option like the corner bets and street bets that relate to multiple numbers.

Prepare your balance pre-game

Online Roulette can be a risky game to play for players that don’t set up their betting limits. It can lead to serious losses if you keep on playing even after losing the initial bankroll. In essence, online Roulette and Roulette, in general, are games that come with greater risk.

You may convince yourself that you have figured out a pattern while in reality, it is almost impossible. You can only reduce the house edge on online Roulette by taking into consideration the bankroll setup.

This means that you will be prepared to lose a certain portion of your funds to prevent further losses. Also, you should always make sure to play at least a few hands with your balance capabilities. After all,n by placing only one bet, your risk of losing increases.

Use the Bonuses for playing online Roulette

Some online casinos offer bonuses like the sign-up bonus offers to get you started playing on the site. You can also use some of these bonuses to properly prepare for a round of online Roulette. Every additional boost for your balance can help you reduce the house edge.

Unfortunately, there are far fewer bonuses for online Roulette games when compared with online slots. This only means that you will have to do your best to use the bonuses you have at your disposal for the assembly of the best Roulette hands.

Make sure that you include diverse betting options as sticking with the same hand repeatedly can have a negative effect.

Final Thoughts on online Roulette Strategies

Realistically speaking, online Roulette strategies are more of a myth and some so-called experts will pursue you to double down the bets. Of course, it makes sense to double down on every lost double chance bet until you win.

However, long years of play have proven to NZ online casino players that outcomes like 15 black numbers in a row are possible. If you truly wish to reduce the house edge on the game, you should make sure that you have sufficient in-game knowledge.

We are here for you as well and we hope that our pieces of advice can result in a far better gaming experience for you!