Crazy Time Live Casino Game – Everything you need to know

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Crazy Time Live Casino Game

If you’ve missed trying out the incredible Crazy Time Live Casino game when it first came out, now’s your chance! The great Bingo-wheel game combination has been out in online casinos for a while now.

As it utilizes all the aspects characteristic of Evolution Gaming, the game is a unique masterpiece. We’ll introduce you to all the main details of the astonishing live casino release with a specific appeal. Don’t miss out on the relevant Crazy Time game info and stay tuned to discover the rules and bonuses!

What makes the Crazy Time game stand out?

A unique setup separates the Crazy Time live casino game from other live dealing titles in the sphere. Being released by Evolution, it’s clear from the first sight of the game that it’s a specific thrill in play. A friendly dealer welcomes the players in the surroundings of the prize wheel with over 50 spots.

The main idea of the game is to place a bet at a certain spot on the wheel and wait for it to be selected. If the indicator shows the spot you’ve bet on, there’re high chances of hitting incredible prizes!

Once in the studio, players can follow the live feed for the live-packed action and prizes. Betting options are diverse as there’re several multiplier spots on the wheel – the x1, x2, x5, and x10. By landing one of these options, players can trigger the accordant multiplier prize.

So, if you’ve bet on x10 spot and one of the spots with x10 value designated land, the bet is multiplied by the value. Of course, there are much more spots with low values in play than those with x5 and x10.

Also, the in-game bonuses can be combined with welcome bonus offers and other promos from different operators.

Bonuses included in the wheel-game

One of the main aspects of the Crazy Time Live casino game is the bonus round. It may come as a surprise to live casino game lovers that aren’t used to having bonuses in play.

Although the bonus features are mostly specific to slot games, the Crazy Time game offers several:

  • The Pachinko Bonus
  • Crazy Time Bonus
  • Cash Hunt
  • Coin Flip

Also, it’s important to state that the relevance of betting on bonus spots to be able to trigger the feature. Namely, only the spots where you’ve placed your bets count for the spin of the wheel. So, to claim the bonus, the indicator must show the spot with the feature that you’ve bet on.

A unique Top Slot field is also included and located above the wheel. This field involves the additional multiplier value and the bonus designations that activate the features of the game.

Activating the Pachinko Bonus

When it comes to intense and surprising bonus features, the Pachinko bonus of the Crazy Time Live game is the one! To trigger it, the players have to bet on the specific Pachinko bonus field on the betting grid.

Additionally, the Pachinko bonus designation has to align with the betting spot to activate this bonus. Afterward, the prizes wait for brave players that have bet on this bonus. In this feature, the dealer drops the ball that unlocks the prize among numerous awards.

As the ball bounces back and forth, the players can live through intense moments until it drops the prize.

Crazy Time Bonus – Favorite of the players

The next bonus feature of the game is the Crazy Time Bonus and most players will be after this one. It’s triggered with the same mechanics as the Pachinko bonus, but the feature is completely different.

A giant wheel is then brought into the game and it includes 3 indicators rather than just 1 in the base game. Next, players have to choose the preferred indicator and wait to see which prize it’ll drop on.

Another impressive aspect of this bonus is that it can be prolonged if players land an x2 multiplier. In such a case, the wheel spins again and the prize is multiplied by 2.

The Cash Hunt Feature

Perhaps the most exciting bonus for the players in the Cash Hunt bonus feature. In this feature, the prizes are masked with the icons of various symbols. Players are asked to shot them with the cannon to unlock the given prize value.

This bonus truly stands for a unique experience as it’s an interactive type of live casino feature. Multipliers involved in this bonus range up to a staggering x200 for the incredible win!

Coin Flip Bonus of the Crazy Time Live Casino game

As the final bonus offer, the coin flip offers a rather simple point of view on the Crazy Time Live game bonuses. Players are asked to decide for one side of the coin with multipliers being added to both sides.

After a coin flip, the side that lands will unlock the prize awarded to the players that have chosen it.

Playing Experience of the Crazy Time Live Casino game

In essence, the bonuses, multiplier fields, and a top slot make the Crazy Time Live casino game so special. Players can win values ranging above x10, 000 for a maximum prize.

Also, with the 95.5% RTP, the game seems quite welcoming to the players. For an even better start, NZ players can combine the game with no deposit bonuses offered by the prominent operators.

Add a thrilling atmosphere of a true live dealer multiplayer game and the result is just what the players need it to be!

Final Thoughts

Being a creative and specific release from the arguably best provider of live casino games makes Crazy Time Live casino games special.

With all the features and bonuses included, players will instantly get attracted to the game. It combines some of the best aspects of slots, live dealing games, and multiplayer games for maximum satisfaction.

So, if you are thinking about trying out the game, we surely recommend you do so as soon as you get the chance!