Multi-Line Slots vs. One Line Slots – Which one is better?

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Multi-Line Slots vs. One Line Slots

There’s an everlasting debate in the world of online casinos regarding the preference for online slots. While some are plain and use a single pay line, others range from 3-line slots, 5-line slots and even more paying ways.

So, which games are better? Should you satisfy with just one line instead of going for a 50-line slot? Join us as we explore the difference and answer these and many other related questions. We’ll be focusing on the type of games that are better for their payout rates and the game experiences they provide.

About the Single Line Slots

Some of the first slot games ever created using just one central pay line even if the grid allowed more symbols. So, the players were playing the game in hope of hitting a great win on that single line active.

Now, the tables have changed since online slots take on higher variations and more forms. Even so, the single-line slot games remain popular for some classic players. Those that don’t like experimenting too much will surely satisfy with these games.

However, there’s one great thing that these games lack – bonuses and special features. Most of the single-line slots come with just one game goal and that’s to hit the winner in the only line offered. Still, the multi-line slots offer more engagement features in form of the bonuses offered in-game.

One could say that single-line slots are losing the battle with multi-line games, but we will point out some exciting ones!

Most popular Single Line Slots

To tackle the multi-line slots of the modern age, single-line slot makers had to invent exciting games. So, here are the most popular single line slots so far:

  • Double Diamond slot
  • Seven 7s slot
  • Triple Tigers slot
  • Red Diamond slot

An advantage of the mentioned slots compared to old-school single-line slots lie in the wild symbols. Most of the modern single-line slots come with a wild symbol to make winning lines easier to form. For instance, the Red Diamond slot by Red Tiger includes a re-spin feature and multipliers.

These aspects truly add up to the game and the layout is quite exciting, so you will have the sensation of playing a multi-line slot.

Still, most of the single-line slots come without proper bonus rounds that all slot lovers enjoy. It can be a great shame if the game is equally exciting to multi-line slots, only it lacks the bonus.

Benefits of Single Line slots

Although the single-line slots are not as exciting as multi-line games, they still have their benefits in play. They often resemble the old classic slots that were designed back in the day as the casino favorites. Moreover, the ability to bet maximum values on a single line is unprecedented.

Single-line games make the most out of the experience you can expect from a simple game. However, if the multipliers and re-spins are added to the game, it becomes much more exciting. Add to that the specific design of the single line slots that come with Asian thrill and the fun is ensured!

Multi-Line Slots – Main Advantages

When it comes to the multi-line slots, they come with much more exciting properties than single-line games. It seems logical that these games are more exciting in 2021, as the modern days of online gaming have come.

The Multi-line slots come with several great advantages when compared to the single-line games:

  • Variety of pay lines included
  • Thrilling bonus rounds
  • In-game special features
  • Wilds and multipliers
  • Customizable lines

In essence, the multi-line slots are genuinely better than the single-line variants. They include the game aspects that can be managed by the player and you can benefit from such traits. Free spins bonuses make these games special, while single-line slots can only be combined with a welcome bonus of the casino.

In-game features are yet another thing that separates the two types of slot games. While single-line slots only use the mechanics implemented in making the full-line hits, multi-line slots use better gameplay.

The graphics are also much better in multi-line slots, making them an overall better option.

Best Multi-Line Slots that rate higher than single line games

While only a few modern-day providers make single-line games, a variety of premium slot makers produce multi-line games. So, the NZ players in 2021 can encounter various multi-line games from Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Playtech, and others.

In 2021, even the 10-line games are surpassed as players can choose games with 20, 40, or more pay lines. Some of the best multi-line games in 2021 are the following:

  • Age of Gods slot series
  • Release the Kraken
  • Dog House Slot
  • Immortal Romance slot
  • Jack and the Beanstalk game
  • Book of Dead slot

These games all include the free spins bonus implemented in the gameplay. The Exciting scatters collection makes the thrill even greater when playing these games. Besides the bonus rounds, these games also feature modern visuals and stunning effects.

It would be a beneficial move to go with each one of these titles before going for the single-line slots. You can always benefit more from playing these games in 2021, as the operators often include free spins on deposit bonuses.

In the end, the single-line slots were popular in their age, but now, the online casino field has much more in store.


Playing slots is mainly for fun and should never be concentrated on the profit alone. So, the single-line games are equally exciting as the multi-line slots. The only difference is in the players’ engagement aspects integrated into the games.

Bonuses and special features along with wilds make the modern-day slots so impressive. On the other hand, the single line slots often include no such characteristics, therefore being simpler. Still, it depends on the preference of each player to decide the type of slot games that are best-suited.