What has been the major gambling trends so far this decade?

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Gambling enthusiasts no longer have to go to a casino to strike a big win! Online gambling has become the new trend. From card games like poker and blackjack to casino and slot machines at the palm of your hand, you know longer have to hit the ATM machine before placing your bet. These are some of the major gambling trends that you can strike rich with from the comfort of anywhere– so long as you have a computer and internet connection.

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Now that we have a better understanding of how some of the major gambling platforms used online actually work, we can take a closer look at major gambling trends so far this decade.

Technavio Gambling Report

A report released from Technavio in September 2016 analyzes projecting trends in online gambling between 2016 and 2020. The top trends in online gambling projected in the report indicate the following:

– Increase in number of women gambling online
– More use of debit and credit cards
– Changes to consumer habits (in online gambling)
– Changes in Online Marketing (particularly online gambling marketing initiatives)

Increase in Women Gamblers

Technavio’s report shows women under the age of 35 more active on gambling platforms online, when compared to women over the age of 35. The report indicates women accounting for upwards of 40 percent of total gamblers in the online gambling market in the United States. Women made up to almost 50 percent (49 percent)of online gamblers in the UK in 2015. The report says women are more inclined to gamble on their personal devices such as smart phones and tablets, and in privacy. The report indicates this level of privacy helping women feel both confident and not as intimidated versus when male gamblers are present.

There are also a surge of campaigns and casinos specifically targeting women. The first casino designed specifically for women online was Cameo Casino. Other hot casinos designated for the female gambler online include 888 Ladies, Pink Casino, and Maria Casino. Experts forecast a rise in online casinos catering to women.

Credit Cards & Debit Cards

Another major trend in gambling indicated in the report is the rise of credit and debit card use. There are still some challenges facing the gambling market online, as different countries have different policies and restrictions when it comes to online casinos. Even though several countries such as Norway, Japan, South Korea, and Portugal promote gambling in casinos that are based on land, they don’t really promote casinos found online.

The promising factor is the lack of regulations in place for online gambling in these countries. Governments are not fully restricting online gambling platforms because they don’t want to risk losing revenue from website advertisements. Taking this into consideration, international customers are turning to their credit and debit cards for online gambling transactions. Instead of having to go to the ATM, consumers can simply keep their payment methods on file, depending on what online gambling platform they use.

Consumer Habits and Online Gambling

Another major trend impacting gambling trends this decade are changes in consumer habits. With a rise in social media apps and access to these apps, comes an increase in popularity of both social games that don’t require gambling and games that cater to gamblers. Online casino developers are working on ways to make games more accessible, by developing apps. By removing steps to get to their platform online, gamblers can simply click on an app and be ready to cash in big wins in no time.

The report also calls for a rise in social gamers, as mobile devices and tablets have easier sharing and peer to peer capabilities. As social media platforms such as Facebook make it easy for “friends” to connect with one another through games, people who have a gambling itch may be more inclined to take their competition to the next level, by using an online gambling platform.

Virtual Currency

Online gambling platforms are turning to virtual currency. While PayPal is still a demanding payment medium online, virtual casinos are using Bitcoin as their currency of choice. Using Bitcoin allows players from around the world to play with or against one another without worrying about payment scales or having the same currency. Bitcoins are a user-friendly cash alternative that is gaining popularity around the globe.

Marketing Changes

Marketing changes to digital casinos are also impacting trends. One of the most demanding marketing methods used for online gamblers is direct mail. However, the rise of social media platforms have millennials tapping into different apps out of sheer curiosity. Data collected in the report indicate a high presence of millennials in the online gambling market. The problem some vendors and developers are having are finding ways to directly target these millennials, who are always looking for the next big app.

According to Technavio’s report, these are some of the major gambling trends impacting the online gambling market this decade.

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