Kings of Poker – Most Popular Names in Online Poker

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Kings of Poker
hand in foreground holding pair of kings in poker

Becoming one of the most popular Poker players means that you have some qualities that gave you the privilege of standing out of the crowd. There are actually many different reasons why some Poker players became famous. The first reason is obvious and it refers that they earn the most money through gambling activity.

However, there are other more interesting reasons such as their personality that people find unique and charismatic, or even their contribution to making the Poker game even more popular. 

In fact, when some player has the luck and quality to possesses all of these characteristics, his or her name will definitely be written forever in poker history. Making a list of kings of the poker game is a very challenging task because no matter how you approach it, it will always be some arguments and attitudes about why some poker king should or should not be added to the list. 

For that reason, we put a big effort into creating a list of them you will see below. This article will cover the whole poker players’ history and highlight the kings of poker with their personal and professional life. In that way, you will have a clear picture of their backgrounds.

What’s needed to Become a Poker Star?

So, if you are ambitious enough to become one of them, be ready to invest a lot of time in learning the tricks, making the strategies, and be patient. If you have the opportunity always use promotions and privileges that online casinos are offering.

With them, you can boost your game level and make yourself a new chance to earn extra money. In case you are a beginner, be free to take advantage of the welcome bonus and sign up bonus that online casinos are offering. They can help you a lot at first.

After that, you will have a chance to earn all kinds of different things such as deposit and no deposit bonuses, free spins no deposit, etc. Online casinos are providing them to the players in order to help them improve their skills and progress in gambling activities.

Now, let’s get to the point and see those kings of the poker!

Bryn Kenney

As one of the players who made a massive fortune from playing poker with a career earning of $56,403,500, Bryan Kenney definitely deserves to be on this list! 

Bryan Kenney showed incredible memory skills from an early age, so this talent helped him to achieve significant success in the Poker game. In 2007, this player indulge himself fully in Poker and played his first tournament. The second success he makes was later, in 2010 when he won $255,242 in WSOP Main Even.

The most interesting thing in his carrier is that he won 40% of the total earned money from one single tournament. In 2019 he experienced one of the biggest earnings in the amount of $20,563,324 when he played at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in London.

 Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo is one more poker player that got popular for the massive fortune he earns throughout his career, the amount of $53,263,200. 

This poker player had a very interesting life. For instance, he is one of the rare people who spoke about practicing polyamory, which refers to having multiple romantic relationships at the same time.

Despite that, he was a supporter of some very unique and strange procedures in medicine such as cryonics. However, despite all of the strange things he performed in his life, he truly represents one of the most dominating names in modern poker. 

A clear sign of how powerful he was is that both PokerStars and PartyPoker houses suspended him when he was 20 years old for having multiple accounts where he made an incredible fortune. In fact, these two companies took tens of thousands of dollars from this young poker king. 

Daniel Negreanu 

Young Daniel Negreanu born in Canada quit his high school in order to conduct a poker career at the age of 22. He was very determined from the start, so he came to Las Vegas to make a fortune out of gambling activity. His career earnings go to $43,298,506.

He was well-known in a gambling word as a “Kid Poker”. Daniel won six World Series of Poker bracelets. Despite that, he owns some titles including two World Poker Tours.

The thing that makes him so interesting as a person is a fact that he had the ability to read cards from his opponents. For that talent, he became very popular at the poker table. Additionally, he had a very good and sociable personality so he was named as a PokerStars brand ambassador. 

Annette Obrestad

The list of best poker players deserves to include some of the best female players in order to be complete. Some of them are popular for the money they earned, some for the skills and unique personalities, however, they surely deserve to have their place among legendary pokers. 

One of the ladies that become very popular in the male-dominating game is definitely Annette Obrestad that earn through her career $3,942,233.

She came from Norway and she starts playing poker at a very young age. She practices her skills through online poker for years before she signs up for the live tournament.

Annette bet so many popular poker players and won her first and most significant World Series of Poker bracelets. Her career did not last so long, however, her name was signed in Poker history. 

Vanessa Selbst

One more popular female poker player that earned in her career $11,898,565 is Vanessa Selbst. What makes her so famous is the fact that she won three WSOP bracelets in her career which made her one of the richest poker players. 

The career of Vanessa Selbst lasted for 15 years old, and in that period she competed in 21 live poker tournaments where she made a big fortune of $12 million. After this success, she was considered as one of the best players and become number one in the Global Poker Index!

She retired from poker in 2018 and start with another carer as a fund manager. 

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is considered as a legend of the poker game, and he did not earn this title for money earnings. In fact, the amount that he earned was not so big – $1,198,260. He earned his place among the best players for his mythical proportions.

Interestingly, he is the one who is responsible for raising poker popularity. He played always Texan Poker trough his career. 

Young Doyle Brunson wanted to become a basketball player. However, he had some knee injury which stopped his sports career. After the disappointment, he tried several other carriers until he found himself in the poker. As he was so competitive, he started to play professional poker right away.

This was a very clever decision because in the next years he becomes e a 10-time winner of the World Series of Poker.

Doyle Brunson wrote a very popular books “Bible of Poker” and “Super/System” where he highlighted some of the tricks and playing methods that changed the poker game forever.