How to Tell Someone is Bluffing in a Poker Game

October 1, 2021 Posted in Fun facts, Live Casino by No Comments

Honestly, there are many indications that players are bluffing in both online poker and live poker.

We hope that a few of these common signs of bluffing will help you while you are gambling!

Let’s find them out.

Bluffing in a Poker Game

A player is talking too much 

One of the clear signs that a player is bluffing is when he/she talks more than normal and usual during a hand. 

This can be useful for both live poker and online poker through chat.

People are acting strong when they are weak.

Therefore, when someone starts to act too confident while playing or bragging too much during the hand, he is trying to cover his weakness.

In other words, he is trying to cover that he is bluffing. 

On the other hand, if the player becomes suddenly silent or his hands are shaking, he has a good hand!

A player is acting Too Quickly

If you are playing online poker, you should pay attention to the bluffing sign called timing tells. 

More precisely, one of the most usual timing tells is when players are acting too fast.

Quick bets are always signs of weakness.

Everyone who has a strong hand will need more time to think about how they can get the most money out of it. 

A player raises flop percentage above 20%

If you want to tell that somebody is bluffing, you need to pay attention to some irregularities in their play.

One more sign that someone is bluffing is when he starts to raise flop above 20%.

Most players actually raise it around 10%. 

This includes strong hands and potentially big draws. 

Fish on Tilt

Playing poker is not just a strategical card game. 

It also requires a psychological factor including paying attention to every player at the table. 

Therefore, you should watch players’ emotions and reactions.

Many players tend to become highly emotional when they are losing even they are trying to hide it. 

This influences them to make ridiculous bluffs. 

For instance, a player can make the decision to call your preflop and then make small bets on the from, turn, and then river. 

Logically, this is one of the most ridiculous hands including the middle pair, or some weak draw. 

Play can also have nothing at all.

Those players are called fish on tilt. 

Therefore, pay attention to their emotions and be aware of the possibilities of their hands.

Large Bet Sizing

One more sign that someone is clearly bluffing is when he is putting very large bets. 

Most professional poker players are even capable of over-betting the put as a bluff. 

Therefore, when you notice that someone is making larger bets than normal ones, you can assume that he is bluffing. 

The reason why they are doing this is simple.

Those players do not want to be called. 

Therefore, do not be afraid to increase the value of the bet as well.

You can take advantage of his bluffs and get a lot of money, even if you are not completely sure in your hand. 


Playing poker online can be very beneficial for all players. 

There is a chance to increase your winning opportunity while using different promotions and rewards that online casinos are giving.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus, sign-up bonus, deposit, and no deposit bonuses.

This will not help you to find out who is bluffing, however, it can help you make a bigger profit.