How to Spot a Fake Online Casino – The More You Know

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The number of online casinos rises every single day.

There are so many of them both legit and fake.

Therefore, when people are gambling online they should be cautious.

Fake casinos can steal their users’ personal information and their money.

In order to confirm whether some casino is fake or legit, it would be best to do some background checks.

If you are wondering how to spot a fake online casino, the tips below will help you in that path. 

Fake Online Casino

Unlicensed casino

Logically, every casino house needs to be licensed in order to operate legitimately.

There are special authorities that are providing licenses to reliable and credible casinos.

Every legit casino displays its license number on the website, so the users can be sure that they are operating properly.

UK, Malta, Gibraltar, and Curaçao are some of the legit jurisdictions that provide licenses to the casinos.

Therefore, if you do not see a proper license on the online casino website, avoid them. 

Deposit options

One more clear sign that an online casino is fake is when it has poor deposit options or does not have any deposit option.

Every legal reputable casino will try to meet its users’ needs.

Therefore, players can see a big selection of deposit and withdrawal options on their online platforms and choose the one that suits them the most.

Money transfer options such as credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc, Bitcoin and Paypal, are some of the options that most legit casino sites offer.

Withdrawal options and slow payouts

Players should check whether they can withdraw the money they won as well. 

The wisest option is to try to deposit a small amount of money and then play in order to find out whether everything is okay with the withdrawals.

Despite that, it is important to test how fast casinos make the payouts.

If the online casino delays making you payouts, it is an excellent sign that they are probably not going to give you the money you earn at all.

Game Selection

Online casino platforms are usually collaborating with reputable and popular casino software game developers.

Therefore, casinos can provide a wide selection of the most popular game titles to their users.

Also, they are adding new title games as soon as they are released in order to beat their competitors.

In that way, they are attracting new and keeping regular users.

If the casino offers games from unknown software developers, players should be careful because it might be a scam.

Games have strict licensing requirements in order to be legitimate.

Also, see whether online casino offers promotions and rewards for their users such as welcome bonus, sign-up bonus, deposit and no deposit bonuses, etc.

All legit casinos are providing them for their users in order to increase their winning chances.

Negative Reviews

One of the first things you should check before you start gambling on some casino site is whether they have good reviews.

Fake online casinos usually have a lot of bad reviews and they are rated very low so the others can avoid them.

The reviews should be balanced and provide both positive and negative reviews because everyone has a different experience. 

However, if they are only negative, you should look for another one.

Missing contact information

Every reliable and credible online casino has contact information on their site including email address, telephone, and physical address.

Despite this, they usually have a support team in order to help their users if they have some questions.

In that way, players can reach them and contact them. 

Therefore, check for such information and if the casino has them, you should confirm if they are responding.