Fate of Fortune Slot is Finally Here – Guide for NZ Players

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Fate of Fortune Slot

If you are a fan of online pokies slot games, you are going to adore the new mystic slot game called Fate of Fortune and the exciting features this game provides. The Fate of Fortune Slot that is finally here for NZ gamblers, brings with self adventurous and secrecy world with so many benefits that you can take advantage of such as various wild symbols, free spins, multipliers, and great fortunes.

As you see, you can expect a real treat with many intrigues that these online pokies bring!

In this article, we prepared a complete guide for beginners about how to play this game.

What Players Can Expect From Fate Of Fortune Spin Game – Slot Overview

From all online pokies games, this one is extra exciting for players. The reason for this is the numerous beneficial features that this game brings. This game can never become boring because, throughout the whole game, players have different opportunities to win some promotions.

The game theme looks like a mystical journey of the Delphi discovering. The forest, animation, and artwork leave a true impression of a genuine movie and the soundtrack gives a Celtic sense. 

The fate of Fortune has five reels with a 5-3-1-3-5 structure, and all of them bring different mystery symbols. Each of these mystery symbols hides something exciting including a bonus game, free spin, multipliers, and symbol swaps. Despite that, there are four different variants of Wilds that also carry some thrilling prizes that we will talk about later. 

Every new action and level can bring to the player new progressive multipliers and new winning opportunities. For instance, when players strike three bonus symbols on the reels, they can get free spins. With every free spin, the amount of money is multiplied.

These free spins no deposit can be present until the mystery symbols disappear from the reels. However, the list of features does not end here; there are many other features that we will analyze below. 

The game system functionates on the pay line connecting that occurs every time three or more symbols are matched. Once that happens, 81 pay lines will occur left to the right or otherwise.

A payline of all wild symbols is worth the same as the highest paying symbol. Players will get different betting options in the Fate of Fortune game and they come with special five X-iter game modes (more on those below). In short, betting stakes can be set as low 20 or as high as £/€100 per spin. 

Features of Fate of Fortune Slot

As we said, this online pokies game comes with huge feature options that players can take advantage of! 

The first feature that players will come across is called Expanding Wilds. You can get special wilds on 2 or 4 reels and they guarantee a winning once they expand on the outer reel. 

The next interesting beneficial things from this game are mystery symbols that appear on every reel. Mystery symbols are transforming into one big matching symbol when they are all displayed. This will give players an incredible winning opportunity because they are offering free spins. 

Below the reels, players will notice swirling crystal ball which gives many awards. Those awards will vary from the effect that the ball highlight. Le’s cover all those effects!

The Lady Swap is displayed when all premium symbols are transformed in the lady type that players chose. The next is Multiplier that can multiply the win up to 50x. 

The Walking Wild effect appears in the middle reel and the award you get from them are respins. Despite that, there is a special locked wild effect that appears when a wild symbol is added to the middle reel and a respin is awarded.

However, if you do not get any win by that spin, the wild’s multiplies increase by +1. The multipliers will be increased until a player gets some prize. The best of all is that you have a chance to trigger The Lady Swap when you Locked Wild is in the position. 

Let’s go further. There is also a chance of winning Unlimited Nudge Spins when 3 or 4 scatter symbols appear anywhere except on the middle reel. In that case, players have a real treat of one Mistery Stack or two Mistery Stacks. 

Whit every free spin, Mystery Stacks goes one position further and all of them reveal the same pay symbol. The best of all is that you get an additional win multiplier through this feature, which increases by one for every free spin. All those nudge spins are unlimited while the Mistery Stack is displayed.

In the end, there is the best feature called X-iter that gives players the chance to activate five different feature buy modes. Those modes include 100 % win (5x winning bets), 100% Fortune’s Favour (50x bet with 3 spins), Bonus (100x bet with 3 or 4 bonus symbols), Big Bonus (200x bet with 3 or 4 bonus symbols, and 5 win multipliers), and Super Bonus (500x bet with 3 or 4 bonus symbols and Fortune’s Favour feature on each free spin).

Find the right New Zealand online casino platform

There are different online pokies slot games that you can find on online casino websites. However, now players from New Zealand have the opportunity to try the special version of slot games – Fate of Fortune. The best of all is the fact that online casino platforms offer different benefits for their players, for both beginners and regular ones.

In the big selection of different promotions, beginners can expect to get the sign-up bonus and welcome bonus, while the regular players can get a VIP bonus. Finally, there are also deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. This means that you can play even without the money!

Every online casino offers different prizes for its players, so we suggest you find out what benefits each of them has prepared for their players and select the one that suits you the most. In that way, you will increase your winning chances!