In case you would experience deposit/WD issues with online casinos, read this.

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When players visit an online casino they expect fun and excitement; winnings are also a great thing to come across. Payment option in hand, they’re ready to go and get to that all important welcome bonus. A problem occurs, the deposit didn’t go through, now what? Most companies are rather eager to take a customer’s money, so why isn’t this gaming venue? Great concerns and there’s not only an app for that too, but some great answers as well. This article will address the most common problems with depositing funds at top online casinos. It will also give some pointers as to how to avoid these problems in the first place; finally, what to do if all else fails and the player needs additional assistance.

One of the most common reasons deposits aren’t accepted isn’t actually any issue with the payment method itself, it’s that the casino is unable to verify the account holders age or other identifying information. This will often show up as a declined transaction and give further instructions on what information to send, or where to call for help. Typically, casino staff can correct these issues and get the player back to the online casino.

Another common reason for a declined transaction is that the payment method address and the information that the customer provided don’t reconcile. A common method for payment processors of all types to verify information is by postal code, or zip code if in the US. Often times, identity theft occurs because of an address change made by the person stealing the information. If the payment method is valid and accurate, the guest should know this information. It’s very important for customers to notify finance companies of any changes quickly to avoid these types of issues. If the previous address of the player is still attached to the payment method, the guest must use the corresponding address information.

Many times, deposits are declined because the customer has insufficient funds or the amount trying to be funded is higher than what the online casino permits. This is an interesting topic, as many online casinos will advise customers to enter a different amount or to try a different card to resolve the issue. Occasionally, online venues seem to have more issues with some providers than others. For credit cards, Visa seems to be the best choice of the group according to most gaming websites. A reason for the decline is typically specified when the payment attempts processing.

E-wallets sometimes carry a unique set of issues themselves. The payment processor will often be choosy with what countries are able to use which methods and at what casinos. Rather confusing, but it does occur. Many times, the e-wallet account isn’t fully verified. While online casinos prefer this method as it’s the easiest for everyone, there’s always a chance of issues anytime multiple payment methods are involved with one company. Players may have to simply update the funding method for the e-wallet. It’s always best practice to have stable accounts attached to e-wallets, such as a bank account. This ensures that the payments will process, and the account is fully verified with the processing company.

While most transaction issues can be quick fixes on part of the guest, help is available if necessary. The online casino is able to be contacted through any of the contact methods listed on their website. Live chat is one of the most popular options and provides a quick response time. Often, the casino will have information available as to how long the wait for a reply will take. If you need someone to speak with, most casinos offer local and toll-free numbers for the regions they serve.

While the casino can at least clarify what the actual problem occurring is; they cannot and will not resolve the issue if it’s between the player and the payment company involved. This is the best policy for all parties involved, as sensitive and private personally identifying information may have to be provided. Also, if there’s an issue with the payment company, it’s a conflict of interest for the processor and online casino to be communicating about internal affairs. If all else fails, attempt another payment method until satisfactory results are obtained; otherwise, you may have to move to another venue.


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