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If a player is a fan of the movie Titanic, then they will be more than in love with the slots machine game version based off of the movie. The game is put out by Bally and is one of the best games out on the market today. The game involves a large number of the elements that made the movie a blockbuster success. Unlike a lot of the games out there, Titanic allows a player the chance to risk as much or as little as they want. can is done via one of the three classes that you can choose from. For example, the first class will make you wager a minimum of $2.00 per wager. This, as might be expected, will lead to a much bigger payout. Along with the excitement of Titanic, there is. The many videos that play along with the game to give a player have being in a casino and playing it on a physical machine.

What kind of Slot is it?
Titanic slots is a Video slot game that can allow a player the chance to win a good amount if they are bold enough to make a large wager and if they are lucky enough to have that wager pay off.

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Game Story 
The game follows along the same line as that of the movie allowing a player the chance to experience some of the iconic characters that made the movie one of the best selling movies of all time. Jack, Rose and Zac are all along for the adventure. Many of the aspects of the movie are incorporated into the game to help and bring the whole experience to life. Even if a person never saw the movie, they would be able to follow along with the progression of the game through many of the elements that have made this one of the more popular games out there.

Wild Symbols? Scattered Symbols?
There are a lot of wild symbols that are a part of the game. It is hard to list all of the wild symbols that are part of the game as these will vary and depend on which class you are playing under. With so many wild symbols, it will be very tough for you to keep up with all the many combinations that will be considered winners.

There are two types of jackpots, the mini and the Max jackpot. Depending on your betting level will determine the jackpot that you will be eligible for. One example of this is if you are betting at the first class level, then you will be able to win both of the jackpots. If you are only a second class better, then you can only win the mini jackpot, and a third class better will not be able to win any of the jackpots. As you are able to see, you are able to change your levels during the game. This means that if you are feeling lucky, you can go from the third class level to the first and take a chance that a player will be able to hit the jackpot. When they do hit the jackpot, there are a large number of animations that will reward a player for hitting the big prize. Any player that is a fan of Titanic, will love a large number of icons that are included in the game to give a player the chance to relive some of their favourite Titanic moments and win big all at the same time.

Free Spins & Bonuses
The free spins and bonus spins are numerous regardless of which level you are betting on. These free spins and bonus will allow a player the chance to earn a significant number of additional winnings when they happen to be triggered. This is one of the biggest reasons why this game has such a huge following and has garnered a larger amount of new players than any other game on the Internet.

Overall, this is an amazing slots game that incorporates a lot of the parts of the movie that a player loved when watching the movie.

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