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Space Wars Pokie bonus free spins

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Space Wars: The New Frontier
You can’t recall the star date. You’ve been floating through the vastness of space, your vessel occasionally pushed forward and fueled by reserve power. You’re only reminder that you are awake is the occasional humming of the auxiliary lights as power passes through them. Having lost much of your crew in the combat those few weeks ago, the remaining members are desolate and hopeless. You know in your heart that the only thing keep them going is the discipline and rigidity implanted through their training. With morale being at virtually zero, they would have given up without it long ago. Sitting in your captain’s chair, you look out through the reinforced glass that separates you from the cold oblivion of space. There is a small nick in the glass that the crew fears will expand if you aren’t found by help soon but you remain grateful. This ship held out as long as it did, missing a huge portion of the fuselage and one entire engine. While in your retrospect you notice a form in the distance. Hope springs to your heart as you believe it could be a ship. Your heart both sinks and rises as you realize the ship is of alien design.
Space Wars pokie bonus free spins

Since man was capable of looking upwards he has dreamed of venturing into the stars. With fantastical stories of inter-space travel and the creatures we could encounter there, it’s no wonder it’s become such a favorite backdrop for all forms of media. From books, to movies, videos games, and now slot machines, space has fascinated and intrigued our species for centuries. Now with the Space Wars slot machine, you can venture through the intergalactic void from the comforting captain’s deck of the slot machine. You’re in control of where and how far you journey through universe of good times and high rollers. So how well does Space Wars serve as a vessel for alien fun? Very well and here’s why!

The Perks
Space Wars offers a bonus of free spins. These free spins allow a player to elongate their play time by being granted the bonus of extra rounds. This helps keep the momentum of the game up and provides hours of extra fun. The coolest part of these perks is you can earn them in-game and no purchase is necessary outside of the initial bet.

The Graphics
The graphics in Space Wars are very impressive for a slot machine. With a versatile yet complimenting color palette and an arrangement of strange alien creatures, calling Space Wars diverse would be a gross understatement. One of the coolest features of the game’s graphics is the animation. The animation is some of the highest quality seen in a slot machine game. With a cartoonish charm, creatures will jump and express emotion, classic UFOs will fly by, and a bottle on your heads up display will fill with tiny aliens. It’s all very visually thrilling and provides a sense of quality often lacking in other slot machines.

The Design
Mechanically speaking Space Wars is a superior game. With five slots that offer a chance for players to win something, there are plenty of reasons to keep playing. With a very smooth heads-up display similar in design to a spaceship control panel, the aesthetic and the mechanics work in tandem to provide an incredibly immersive experience. The learning curve for the game is also very small, this allows new users unfamiliar with slot machine to give it a try. However, there are enough new mechanics to keep veteran players entertained and in the loop.

The Fun Factor
Overall, the most important aspect of the game is its fun factor. The Space Wars slot machine provides hours of fun for its users in a unique in quirky way that often comes off as juvenile in other machines. But Space Wars manages to push past this stigma by providing high quality graphical intensity, well designed slot icons and animations, and funny alien noises. All of this culminates into a well-designed package dedicated to the player’s sense of enjoyment. With a game tailored to space fans and intergalactic travel, it’s only appropriate that Space Wars will have a far reach.

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