Guns n Roses Pokie Review

Guns n Roses Pokie bonus free spins

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Guns n Roses Slot
Guns and Roses online casino game; the rock and roll of all online games.

People in the UK playing online casino, getting those extra spins is all the merrier for the avid gamer. Playing a casino slot named after one of Rock and Roll’s heaviest 80s band is all the more thrilling. Founded in Los Angeles during 1985-ish, vocalist Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash formed a hard rock band with rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin and bassist Duff McKagan, along with drummer Steven Adler. The debut album is named ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ which was released in 1987 and reaching on the top hits list to number 1. Then another 6 No. 1 albums with 16 top 10 singles, (selling 100M albums globally). They now have an online slot machine named after them!

Guns n Roses Pokie bonus free spins review

NetEnt is one casino online gambling operator which gamers should be grateful for; especially for the Guns N Roses slot machine. The online casino developer was incorporated in 1996 where it was pioneered by a Scandinavia’s off-line casino operator. NetEnt has two offices, in Sweden and Malta. Malta being a traditional online gambling community (or island) where it’s well known by many. Being between the Meditterean Sea, it’s also a great place to vacation.

The development of GNR
Whether you like GNR or not, if you like online game slots, you’ll like this one; it’s as wild as the band. Free spins are all the merrier when playing Guns N Roses Slots.

Online gamers love spinning especially when those extra spins are given during the tough losing streaks; even when winning and you get them is fascinating. With the Guns N Roses online casino game, you’ll see why avid gamers are into it. For GNR fans, it’s kind of weird seeing an online game slot machine of this magnitude. Nevertheless, it’s cool to play if those gamers like rock and roll music and the legend of GNR in the game now, logo and all, including the soundtrack while you play, it’s one of those that they must try at least a few times. Last week, extra spins for the Guns and Roses slot came with reload bonuses for British players.

Description of the GNR slots
It has 5 Reels with three rows; plus, it has 20 pay lines. It rocks in that the look intriguingly rocks and roll styled and bold fully coloured. The layout displays all GNR look, with logos and it’s primary colours. The artwork of the GNR slot totally rock! In the same fashion that the band does to the core. Particularly with the likes of the icons with that of record albums, the guitars, album cover artwork, music videos clips and plus, the band members pix.

Playing the Guns N Roses slots
Themed video slot which plays some songs from the band’s soundtrack while playing is a rock and roll gamer’s delight. It’s all you’d want in a GNR video slot machine with such songs like Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Paradise City, and Sweet Child of Mine playing in the background. It’s one of the best in rock and roll music online video slots.

Wilds and Expanding Wilds
At any moment during the game, the Wild Symbols will appear on the reels, anywhere around them in a second’s notice. There’s even an ‘Appetite for Destruction’ Wild feature you’ll see on reel three every so often. Although the wild symbols do substitute the rest of the symbols. For those extra symbols, though, will take those out which also create winning pay lines! Even more so, there’s a wilder than that, and that’s when one of the Wild Symbols can appear as an Expanding Wild. Which can spread throughout the range of the reels in a vertical fashion? Thus, it maximises the player’s wins. It can substitute all others symbols; but, the Appetite for Destruction Wild. It can take over the Stacked Wild in Encore Spins as well as the Wild in Legend Spins.

Legend Spins
The Legend Spins is one of the random features in GNR online slots which also will appear periodically and whenever it so chooses to while playing the online slots. If they do, they can get also get three free re-spins. These are activated with the 1-2 stacked Wild reels. First spin: reel 3 is a Stacked Wild reel, second spin: reels 1 and five are Stacked Wild reels, and third spin: reels 2 and five are Stacked Wild reels.

Appetite for Destruction random feature
The Appetite for Destruction Wild is the symbol which will appear in the shape of the logo of the Guns N Roses cross appears in the random features. During the game, it can be triggered either displayed in half or full iconic view.

The Solo Multiplier random feature
The Solo Multiplier, is again, another random feature. It will be triggered at any time while gamers are playing the GNR online gambling slots. The online slot machine has the Solo Multiplier feature that will randomly multiply. It’s displayed on the pay-lines which are based on certain symbols; such are x4 multipliers to x10 multipliers.

Extra symbols features
When you land three extra symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 and five during the main Guns N’ Roses base main) game, it’ll award one of 3 extra games, randomly which are as following.

– Encore Free Spins
– Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game
– Coin Win.

Online slot gamers will have a chance to get three extra games selected randomly to play. The following ones are the three, but, only if you land three extra symbols on the certain reels. (1, 3, and 5…) while playing the main base game of GNR online slots.

When they trigger it, a ‘special wheel’ will appear and will start to spin. Clicking the STOP button to stop the wheel from spinning once it’s triggered is what they’ll do. Then, they’ll be able to see the awarded feature pop up. The value and the worth are the minima of the coin which is a win at that stage of the game. It’s worth 200 while the maximum is worth 600.

Encore Free Spins Feature
This feature comes with ten extra spins on the GNR slots; it’s the main feature that is delicately showcasing a GNR band member for those fans and gamers alike. As a Stacked Wild (3 symbols), a GNR member will appear within the 2, 3, or 4 reels in each single spin.

Crowd Pleaser Bonus Feature
This ‘Pick & Click’ game of 3 different levels is notably a crowd pleaser as the name is implied. They’ll be a total of 8 different picks GNR gamers will have the chance to play. The levels are split in a progressed variety. The gamer will have the opportunity to progress and improve as this is what will allow the gamer to continue to play. The Crowd Pleaser extra game will give out free symbols automatically including a 1+ pick symbol for the players to select on their own.

GNR slot gamers will be rewarded with ten extra spins for free only if, while your playing, get three free spinning symbols. First, Level 1, online gamers will be presented with three picks to collect some coin wins with the minimum being 60. For Level 2, it can only be reached if the player obtained the minimum of 60 coins or more; and when all three picks are used. Then three more picks are awarded to the GNR gamer. For those that collect 300 coins by the time of their last pick, Level 3 begins. By then, if the gamer receives the minimum of 800 coins, totalled, the winning then double!

NetEnt casino got it right
With this online casino at gamers fingertips, they’ll be more rock and roll fun that’s authentically built thanks to NetEnt. It produced a slot machine online for mobile compatibility. It’ll also tablet compatible as well. Most casino players like playing on their mobile. So, GNR can be played on the mobile devices. It’s part of the NetEnt Touch™ series.) Finally, when deciding to play the Guns N Roses online slot game, remember this is one rocking online game slot that is sure to get loud.

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