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There is a certain special memory that is attached to all children. This memory that every child has is sealed and kept in the mind of the adult that they inevitably become. It’s responsible for producing the nostalgic lens people view their childhoods through. These memories, regardless of the properties unique to the individual viewing it, have one thing in common: Wonder. Wonder is the force that drives a child to experience everything the world has to offer them. From their first interaction with insects to the first bit of pain they experience from their first fall, a child will be pushed by the wonder of something new. As people grow into adults, this phenomenon will fade. As the lens changes from that of wonder to one of understanding, the world becomes grey, boring and normalised. It is through performances and art that we attempt to recapture this feeling of wonder and newness that was once such a prevalent part of our lives. Its groups like Cirque du Soleil that helps us go back to this beautiful place as adults.
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Cirque du Soleil is a circus performance act that originated in Canada and gained popularity in the mid-1980s. After garnering attention for its lack of circus animals in its performances, the troupe began to gain notoriety with its original story driven performances. The story, along with the costumes, strength, flexibility, and skill of its actors began to provide audiences with that familiar sense of wonder by drawing them into fantastical worlds. Word of Cirque du Soleil spread throughout the world, and the group puts on multiple performances each year throughout the world. It only makes sense that in the theatrical world of casinos, Cirque du Soleil would find its place with the Cirque du Soleil Kooza Slot Machine. So how well does the Cirque du Soleil Kooza Slot Machine stand up to its source material? Very well and here is why.

The Visuals
Cirque du Soleil is a visual smorgasbord of visual delights and the slot machine that bears its name is no different. The visuals are absolutely incredible and offer a depth that is lacking in other slot machines. Even slot machines that have high quality images and animation are simply put to shame by the sheer amount of visceral imagery that Cirque du Soleil Kooza Slot Machines offer its players. The reason these visuals are so important is because it respects the source material it draws from. It gives players who have experienced Cirque du Soleil personally a familiar sense of belonging within the structure of the game. It makes them respect the visuals, not just because they look good, but because the visuals look great based on the standard set by Cirque du Soleil. This standard for immersive visuals is exactly what allowed Cirque du Soleil to gain its popularity in the first place and it’s only a bonus that its slot machine would do the same. The player is greeted by a fancifully dressed character that can only be described as a jester. With dashing golden and pink clothing, the jester guides the player through their games and free spins. The slots themselves are another expression of visual quality as every single panel on the slot machine comes alive with graphics that depict dashing characters that have a visual charisma that is unrivaled. There are small visual touches such as text bouncing when the reel stops that adds a little touch that is easy to miss but would make all the difference if it were absent.

The Gameplay
With five colourful reels for players to match Cirque du Soleil Kooza slot offers traditional slot machine gameplay that players are familiar with. With amazing visuals to back it up, the standard gameplay doesn’t stray from the strong, tried and true formula of the online slot machine which includes the bonus of free spins. The game works great and looks good doing it.

Cirque du Soleil has been the standard regarding circus performances for over forty years. Because of this, it only makes sense that anything bearing its name would maintain the standard of high quality, immersive visuals that invoke a sense of wonder.

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