Adventures in Wonderland Pokie Review

Adventures in Wonderland Pokie bonus free spins

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A Life In Wonderland

We all have fantasies. There’s no secret why hundreds upon hundreds of people are drawn to slot machines. That attraction is about the choices that embody the thrill of a fantastic jackpot.

The themes are endless, and new ones are being released. A favorite game that can get you in the right direction is Adventure In Wonderland. Whether it’s a childhood fantasy or just a nostalgic feeling, everyone can enjoy.

But it not just for beginners or those curious.

We’re going to cover what this game is, how to best play it, the free spins and why we think it’s a great option for any skill level.

Adventures In Wonderland: Column, Rows And Reels

The game’s title reveals all of Alice In Wonderland characters. This slot machine uncovers the fantasy world in Alice’s personal story. So, expect to see familiar faces.

They include the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, March Hare and Alice.

Which is like a family affair of free spins.


Adventures in Wonderland pokie bonus free spins


The icons consist of Rabbit Holes, a Pocket Watch and the White Rabbit. If you’re wondering how all of this came together, then we need to introduce you to its online gambling game developer. Ash Gaming is recognised within online gambling and as an innovator online.

Their reputation is built on trust and is used to evaluate or review other gambling games. The mission of this developer formed in 2002 and with a single focus to creating the best games for betting and gambling. And thus, we all have access to Adventures In Wonderland.

For A Better Understanding

The digital platform for this game is structured with 20 pay lines and spins on five active reels. And there’s always an affordable option to play this classic. Bets peak at 200 dollars and get as low as 20p with no strings attached. The real-money option allows you to play with the progressive jackpot.

We all love having that option also, so consider it if you haven’t already.

A Few Bonuses To Know Of

The Rabbit Hole

Seeing a Rabbit Hole icon is common within each spin. However, you activate potential rewards by getting at least three icons showing the Rabbit Hole on your monitor. Amazing graphics will then come into play. You’ll find our main character Alice dropping into an appeared hole.

Believe it or not, prizes and rewards are gathered along the way.

This can be up to 22 more than your initial stake.

The Rabbit Hole

Here’s where the adventure begins to get out of control. It’s just a Rabbit Hole. It’s one that feels nauseous but earns you a few more credits along the way. There’s a pattern you’re likely seeing if you’ve been paying attention. Rewards go out, and special rounds pay more when you get three Wild symbols in one turn.

That also applies for the Rabbit Hole symbols when they appear. The result leaves more odds in your favour and for scoring a maximum payout reaching time 22 of your position.

But bonus features must be activated. The hidden round opens with at least three Rabbit Hole symbols. Alice then begins falling into “that hole.” Though seemingly dangerous, she collects prizes along the way. And remember, here, you can win up to a multiple of 22 of your original bet.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is a secret round. All you do is match the Mad Hatter three times. The symbols don’t have to be in a sequence. As long as three show up on the monitor, then you enter this free-play option. But you have a choice to make also.

Your choice is for one of four characters to represent you. For the bonus play, you’ll be either the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, March Hare or Alice. The choice is yours. The objective of your character is then to go up against the remaining three. The challenge amongst all four characters then begins with a tea drinking competition.

But there’s some irony also. The character who takes the longest to drink their cup of tea gets the prize and wins. If that winner is you, then another opportunity comes. A sugar cube will be added to your tea cup. You get first dibs to the progressive jackpot if the sugar enters your cup before the characters begin drinking.

This understanding of Adventures In Wonderland will do wonders for your gameplay. So have fun and play responsibly.

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