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Playgrand Casino has it all: the most popular contemporary games, great old standards and enough thrills to keep your excitement level high!

Admit it: The idea of sitting around in your cargo shorts at home while enjoying all of the fun found in a live casino is your cup of tea. No traveling, parking, tipping or expense. It’s just you, your electronic devices and your ‘fridge. Heaven.

But you want the ultimate online casino experience and not every cyberspace emporium offers the variety, excitement and challenges you’ll find when you “visit” PlayGrand. It’s where you go to do your thing and watch your winnings skyrocket. As we said, heaven.


Because we’ve been around since 2000, PlayGrand Casino is no newcomer to the global gaming scene, which is one of the reasons our fan base has been growing exponentially over the past 18 years. Our portal has it all: the most popular contemporary games, great old standards and enough thrills to keep your excitement level high.

Industry gaming products are state-of-the-art and include names you likely already know, like OMI and IGaming2Go. How could we offer our frequent visitors less than excellence in technology and hair-raising challenges?

Here’s a fact that not every online casino advertises: Safety is our number one concern, which is why your visit to PlayGrand is courtesy of the strongest SSL encryption methods on the market—RapidSSL. You stay safe. Protected. Our system’s padlock icon reminds you of how safe you are every time you visit the site.

When you visit

Mate, you won’t have to put on a pair of shoes to get around the PlayGrand Casino because the site is just that easy to navigate. Even if you’re half a sleep, you’ll enter a colourful world of black and pink, sign in and you can stroll the games gallery using the search tool.If you’re just getting started, you’ll register your information, we’ll run some simple verification checks—each one designed to protect you and safeguard your playing space. We want your gaming experience to be effortless, so by undertaking these checks and balances, you are fully credentialed to play with the big dogs.

Choose from popular, new, live, slots, table games, jackpots, fun games and Bingo—heck, try all of them if you’ve got the stamina and the cash. In case you get lost or otherwise need help getting your game on, use the Live Chat feature to help orient you as you process from one game to another on your journey to success.

Our frequent visitors call us their “secret space where magic happens” and we would be hard-pressed to disagree. There’s plenty of room for newcomers in this rarified atmosphere, so jump in with both feet!

Bonuses & Promotions

Who ever heard of an online gaming hub that doesn’t offer guests the option of either deposit bonus offers and no deposit bonus offers? No worries. We’ve got you covered. While we recommend reading every word of our terms and conditions related to our bonus spins and promotions on our website, we also know that you’re rather be playing, not reading, so we offer these highlights:-Once you’re a registered player, the Casino sends you awesome promotional offers.
-Offers consist of bonus spins that gradually increase as you play. They are typically valid for 10 days.
-Some promotions have time limits. Keep an eye on your watch so you don’t miss out!
-No single gamer can hog all of the rewards. Only one bonus at a time is offered per promotion, per account.
-Rules govern withdrawals; e.g., bonus funds can’t be withdrawn until every Casino requirement is met.

PlayGrand offers a perfect mobile experience

Can we explain the dramatic rise in mobile gambling? Of course. It’s an effortless way to have fun while carrying on your regular life. You take your game with you, so you don’t miss a minute of play, whether you’re clubbing or at work, though we don’t recommend telling your boss about your visits!In fact, the worldwide casino industry reports a 70-percent increase in mobile gaming in the past couple of years because getting started is a breeze, you can play on any and all devices and the experience feels just like a live casino—minus the drunks and loud mouths. And it matters not which platform you prefer.

Variety is literally the spice of life when you visit PlayGrand using the device that’s connected to your hand. When the urge to wager hits, you play with real money and take only the risks with which you are comfortable.

Safety is sacrosanct to those of us running the show at PlayGrand. That’s why the casino site has so many pages of safety guidelines. You are the only person who can compromise your play time by using your mobile in an unsecured location. We recommend a security lock on your device and suggest the employment of every tool available to man to protect yourself, including fingerprint, facial and voice recognition.

Games for everyone!

We would need a couple of pages here to describe the variety of games at your fingertips once you sign in and head for the game gallery. You’ll recognize some of the choices because you likely have already used them if you are already a whiz when you play on your desktop. It’s important to understand that not every desktop-friendly game is available because developers need to tweak them to adapt them for play via your mobile.Happily, PlayGrand Casino knows your new preferred gaming device and makes sure a broad selection of new and old games, in proper format, are available to you. Further, you don’t have to fret over the games that have gone missing in action. In all likelihood, they’re MIA because the manufacturer has yet to format them for mobile play.

That stated, you probably won’t care about a missing game or two once you see how many alternatives await your imagination. And here’s a bonus: mobile operating systems tend to be less restrictive, so you’ll enjoy an entirely new experience when you play using your mobile, even if you’re familiar with the game.

To whet your appetite, we can tell you that your favourites await you–poker, roulette, slots–but our selection also includes Beehive Reactors, based on the everybody’s favourite gaming challenge: Candy Crush. This sweet experience is guaranteed to be even more exciting the moment you have an opportunity to bet on the outcome!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Making deposits into your account is a breeze. You’ll likely start with a minimum deposit of $20 to kickstart your online participation and that “nest egg” must be submitted via your homeland’s currency or in Euros. As you continue to play, additional deposits can be made at any time, but remember that you can’t place a bet if your account is empty since PlayGrand doesn’t operate on any type of credit system.Of course, the best part of visiting PlayGrand Casino is when it’s time to cash in. Winnings remain in your account until you request payment and if that payment happens to be a huge stash of cash—at least $100,000—be aware of the fact that the casino reserves the right to pay huge pots out in installments of up to 10 per transaction, so feel free to buy that case of champagne in advance, knowing those payments are on the horizon.

Getting help if you need it

Are you a bit timid and new to online gambling? No worries. We’ve got you covered. You may qualify for a “Play-for-fun” account where you’ll have a limited opportunity to learn the ropes until you are comfortable and ready to play for real. Some of our most enthusiastic visitors keep both accounts going! Your call.Even folks who have known their way around gambling emporiums for decades need a human chat on occasion, to clarify rules, inquire into bet limits and get the skinny on new games. PlayGrand Casino operates a Chat Facility that’s staffed by people who know a lot about the game, the facility and the rules, so you’re never alone.

That applies to complaints, too. While we do everything possible to ensure a memorable experience every time you visit PlayGrand, we know that there may be times you need a problem resolved that’s related to your online play. Our Customer Support Team includes a special squad of great listeners called our “Complaints Team.”

Additionally, part of our responsibility as your host is to remind players about the dynamics of responsible gambling, thus we could “provide you with the ability to control and limit your spending” or take some time off. We want you back, but we respect your decision to take a break and remind you that every game you love will be waiting for you as soon as you return!

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