Jonny Jackpot Casino ๐Ÿ‘‘NZ$1000 Bonus๐Ÿ‘‘

NZ$1000 BONUS at 1st Deposit + 100 Free spins

Jonny Jackpot casino was founded by people who love gambling. If youโ€™re looking for the most exciting games and chances to win big. Look here!

About Jonny Jackpot

Jonny Jackpot casino was founded by people who love gambling, and it was created to help build a place that would allow anyone to play for as long as they wanted. The site has created a place for people to play their favorite games, and it also has new games coming out often. The website is built on a foundation of great games, and they have partner developers that people can visit as they get used to all the different games on the site.

The players who come to this site are given a chance to make a lot of money, and they can play games that are on the cutting edge of the gaming industry. This is a very simple place for people to come andf play if they want to win, and there is a running jackpot that they can enjoy. The players that have made the best possible choices for their gaming will win the most, and they could stay on this site for days while they play only their favorite games.

There are many players who come to this site to play live games, and there are others who make friends that they chat with as they play. The player simply needs to be sure that they have thought over what their best options are. They will notice that they can set up an account with a bonus, and they can use those bonuses to make extra cash. The players that have committed to playing these games the right way will make the most money, and they could continue to play these games for hours without trouble.

Jonny Jackpot is the kind of place people come when they want to have fun, be in a place that is friendly, and allows them to choose games they actually like. There are no limitations on this site.


Their Homepage


The homepage at Johnny Jackpot makes the player feel as though they just walked into a home casino that has been adorned with all the lights and colors they could ever want. However, these very same players need to be aware that they can play the most advanced games in the industry if they want. This is a site that features characters and games on their homepage, and they have the most popular games posted so people can try them.

The homepage welcomes people to sign into their accounts, or they can go to the left menu to get into their account. The player who is checking their account will find that it is very easy for them to see how much money they have won, the games they have won it on, and the amount they withdrew. The player that is on the site every day needs to study their activity so that they know how to make the most money.

The players who scroll to the bottom of the page will find that there are links to the developers, and they could click on the link for the fair play commission or gaming board. This is a place where the players can read the FAQs, or they could send an email. The page has everything that the player needs, and it even features the bonuses that are current on the site.


Bonuses And Promotions


Players can get a welcome bonus of 100 free spins and up to $1000 to play on the site for free. These players are given the bonuses just for signing up, and they are offered the best chance of making money because they can learn the games for free. The players get to keep any money that they win, and they should continue to get bonuses every chance that they get. The players that have the most bonus money will have the most chances of winning because they are not putting their own money at risk.

Players cannot withdraw any bonus money until they have used it for gambling, and these players need to be sure that they have checked for rules about tournament bonuses or spin bonuses. Some spin bonuses that people get will be converted to bonus cash if the player wins anything. However, the player needs to be sure that they know the rule for that bonus before continuing. Some tournament bonuses do not have this requirement, but others do.

The bonuses are featured on a seasonal basis, and the player could get a new bonus every day if they check the bonus page. The bonus page is a good place to start because players might see a new thing to try every day. They could get the same bonus over and over in some cases, and they will have enough money to work with so that they do not have any problems learning their new favorite games.

Mobile Play


Mobile play on the site is done all through their website. The player that wants to play here will find the site to be responsive on their mobile device, and they will deeply enjoy using this site because they have a chance to play while they are on the move.

The person who prefers to play on mobile has to read about mobile play because they need to sign in, learn how to use the games with the touchscreen, and study how the games pay out when they are played at a much faster pace. There are many people who will turn to mobile play because they want to speed up their play, but they need to know how the game works when they are using the mobile site.

The mobile site needs a strong connection, and the player should not move away from their connection if they can help it. The player also needs to be sure that they have signed into their account when they are on the site. They can add money, withdraw money, get customer care, and send messages to the site if they like. This is a very easy site to use, and it will render to the right size in all cases.




Games on the site range from the simple fruit slots that people were playing in the early days of the casinos, and they have very nice adventure games that look like they came from a video game console. The player that wants to find the right game should use the search bar to find something that they would like to try. However, the player needs to go through many games until they find what they are looking for. These players will feel much better knowing that they have tried everything, and they could recommend games to their friends because they have so much experience.

New games are released all the time, and there are many versions of table games that are unique to the site. Someone could play a version of blackjack, poker, or baccarat that is new to them. These players might like to go into live rooms that allow them to play roulette, or they might play special games that were made for online casinos only.


Deposits And Withdrawals


Deposits and withdrawals on this site are done exclusively through their secure server. The player will find that they can use any payment method they like, but they need to be sure that they have chosen the right method for each new transaction. The player can change their payment method as much as they want, but they need to be sure that they keep all their payment methods current. This is a very easy thing to do, and the player needs to be careful about this so that they never make an incorrect transaction and cause problems for themselves or the site.


Customer Support


Customer support on the site is divided into the phone line, the email page, and the live chat window. The live chat window is easy to use because it sits at the bottom of the site at all time, and there are many people who would like to send an email because they prefer to lay out all their issues in one message. The email page is at the bottom of the homepage, and the player can send a long email, get a quick response, and discuss their problems with the site.

The phone number is only for local players, and they can call if they are in New Zealand when they are asking their questions. The player who reaches the casino office needs to remember that they can handle all issues from money to glitches when speaking tot he staff.

There are many people who would like to use the live chat window because they do not even need to exit their game to talk to the staff. The live chat window is immediate, and it can give the player all the answers they need at any time. The player might have a problem with fair play, money, or the way the site loads. The staff can resolve issues, get into the player’s account, and talk three through any problem.

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