Cheeky Riches Casino Review

NZ$ 500 Bonus + 200 Free Spins

We will inform you that Cheeky Riches Casino is not available from November 14, 2019 for NZ-players!   Sign-up at these popular Casinos instead! About Cheeky Riches online casino was...

We will inform you that Cheeky Riches Casino is not available from November 14, 2019 for NZ-players!


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Cheeky Riches online casino was made for people who want to gamble online in a safe and fun place. It is set up in Gibraltar, and it has a wonderful layout that makes all gamblers feel welcome. Someone who has visions of making a lot of money gambling should begin by investing in in Cheeky Riches, starting an account, and playing their large catalog of games. The casino wants people to have a communal experience, and the casino has a homepage that throws the gambler right into the action.

When You Visit

The homepage of Cheeky Riches was created to help people get comfortable when they show up. Anyone who comes to this site hoping to win money is welcomed by the soft purples of the homepage, and the homepage allows people to click on the tabs, see what can be done on the site, and start up an account.

The account sign up and login tab is in the top corner, and the tabs across the middle allow people to go to the pages they prefer from customer service to the games and banking page. The players who want to play certain games can scroll down to click on those games, and they can scroll for a minute or two before arriving at the bottom where they can read the FAQs, click on the fair play certificate, or click on the logos for all the programmers who have make a game for the site. The soothing purple on the site stays with the player all the way to the bottom of the page, and they can continue exploring from there.

Bonuses And Promotions

Welcome Bonuses and promotions on the site are given with the first deposit. Players might find deposit bonuses that come along with different games as they are released. These bonuses are given specifically to the players who want to play these new games. They might choose these games because they are interested, or they choose these games because of the big bonuses that are offered.

The players who start in tournaments could buy into the tournament right now, and they get to see how far up the leaderboard they are. They get a prize if they finish in one of the top spots, and they are allowed to play as much as they want with the bonuses that are added for these tournaments.

Someone who is looking for promotions must come back every day to see if there is anything new for them to try. They might want to use the tournaments as a way to learn these games, or they might find their favorite games when they begin in these tournaments.

Playing On Mobile

Playing on a mobile device is just like playing the game on the laptop or desktop. Someone who plans to play on their mobile device can sign in through the website, and they are given the same experience that they would have on their computer. They see the site in the same way, and the games come up with graphics that look the same. They will find that the site is much easier to use, and they can move to their mobile device to continue a game.

The players who are on mobile see their accounts sync just as they would on their computer, and they can add money to their account or withdraw their money. The player who is on mobile can play anywhere they want whether it is on the train or in the car. They can play while they are out of town, and they can play while they are waiting for a meeting. All the games are optimized for mobile play, and the games load just as fast if the player has a powerful Internet connection. Anyone who has concerns about the mobile play could contact the casino for customer service, and they might want to pick a browser that the casino says if best for them to use.

There is no need for a mobile app on this site because it was designed for those who want to play on the mobile browser. The mobile browser gives players the secure connection they want, and it does not impede on their fun. Players who play on even the smallest phones have a good experience, and they can play any game they want at any time. Players who play in free mode could lose their Internet connection and still enjoy a few minutes or gambling.


Games on the site are as diverse as any casino out there. The casino has table games that look just like the games play in Vegas. The table games are much easier to play because they look so nice, and they have a lovely background that makes the player feel like they are physically in the casino. These players are usually much happier because they can play live dealer games or play against the computer. The sheer volume of choice makes the Cheeky Riches casino more fun for everyone.

The slot machines on the site are set up to give the players as many options as possible. The players who are looking for classic fruit slots can play for hours and hours. Players might want to play the slot machines that have long and complicated stories, and the players could play these games for hours hoping to resolve the story. They might come across some games that have the story they prefer, and they can make a lot of money from betting on paylines.

The games that expand on table games are electronic versions with their own stories or ambience. These games are set up to make the traditional games like poker or blackjack as fun to play as possible. There are some advanced versions of these games that could last for hours, and the players could try video poker if they want.

Every game on the site allows players to bet as much as they want, and they could play in the free mode for as long as they want, and they might learn a lot about these games as they are playing. They could play these games in the free mode for hours before they get used to the games, and they can start betting on the games when they are finally comfortable.

The games have betting modes that allow players to add money as much as they want. They can gamble to their heart’s content, and they can move on to other parts of the site if they like. The players who need to check how much they have played can go to their account page to see how much money they have won.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are done through the secure server that hosts the site, and someone who is planning to make a deposit or pull out their money is given a receipt. It is very simple for someone to play on the site and deposit without worrying about their financial information, and they can see the https prefix in the address bar when they come to the site. They might want to add more money as they play, or they can withdraw if they are done playing.

Players who want to have their bonus cash withdrawn must use it to play first. They must win something with that bonus cash, and they can withdraw all the money that they got when they have finally played. There are many players who have extra bonus cash waiting to be used, and they use that instantly the next time that they play.

The customer can connect any bank account or credit card that they want, and they can use their computer or mobile device to change their financial information if needed. They might send their money in with a credit card or withdraw to a bank account. All these things are handled in seconds, and the customer never gets lost or frustrated.

Getting Help

Any player can get customer service on this site over the phone in Europe or they can send an email. The players who want to send an email usually get a response back fast, and they could use the live chat window to talk to the site about their games, fair play, or money.

The fair play complaints are all done by the company through a special window, and the live chat window has someone ready to answer questions during their office hours. This is a big part of what the site does because they allow their customers to get instant information on all their games or despoil complaints.

The customer service given by this site allows players to have much more fun, and they get excited because they are in a place where they are valued. Cheeky Riches makes the gameplay simple for everyone, and the site has a pleasing environment that makes gambling better for everyone.


FAQ – Cheeky Riches Online Casino 

1. When was Cheeky Riches Casino founded?

Cheeky Riches Casino was founded in 2017. The network is operated by Nektan (Gibraltar) Ltd and is licensed by both the Governments of Gibraltar and United Kingdom

2. How can I deposit to Cheeky Riches Casino?

Once you log in, click on “DEPOSIT” from the menu on the right side of the lobby. From there just follow the instructions to select your preferred payment option, fill in details of your preferred payment method, and enter the amount to deposit. Once you are finished, the amount deposited will appear immediately in your account and you can use it to play!

3. How do I withdraw from Cheeky Riches Casino?

Go to the menu on your account, click “Transactions”, and then click the “Withdraw” icon. You will then need to insert your password and the amount you would like to withdraw. The minimum amount to withdraw is 10 NZDollar, and it may take up to 3 days to verify your withdrawal.

4. What games can you play at Cheeky Riches Casino?

We have a variety of games such as Black Jack and other card games, slots, live casino games, and many more. Simply browse through our list of games and you’re sure to find one to enjoy!

5. Does Cheeky Riches Casino has an Mobile App or a mobile casino?

Yes, Cheeky Casino is mobile friendly.

6. What bonuses does Cheeky Riches Casino has? 

Yes, we have a welcome bonus that includes up 500 NZDollar and 200 spins on Starburst. See the banner in the casino lobby for more information.

7. What free spins bonus does Cheeky Riches Casino have? 

Our welcome bonus includes 200 free spins on Starburst. See the banner in the casino lobby for more information.

8. What wagering requirement applies to bonuses?

Each bonus has its own specific terms and conditions that include the required deposit amount. To claim the welcome bonus you must deposit 10 NZDollar.

9. What is the terms & conditions of the bonus?

Each bonus has its own specific terms and conditions. For the welcome bonus, click on “Full terms and conditions” in the bottom right corner of the banner.

10. What support options does Cheeky Riches Casino offer? 

You can contact us by email, telephone, or online live chat. Click the “Support” tab for more information.

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