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Bonzo Spins offers many bonuses. New players will automatically receive free spins upon sign up. When you deposit you will be awarded more!


Bonzo Spins Casino is a fairly new online casino. They were established in 2018. With their headquarters in Gibraltar, they service many countries. The United States players are not one of them. You must have reached a minimum of 18 years in order to play at Bonzo Spins. They have a strict policy against underage gambling. When you play and are under 18 years, they will consider it an offense.

The website for Bonzo Spins is offered in multiple languages. These languages can be selected from the drop-down menu. By default, the site is in British English. Some of the nations are restricted from playing at Bonzo Spins. These nations include the United States. Bonzo Spins is licensed under the Gibraltar gaming license and the gaming license of the United Kingdom.

Players who join the Bonzo Spins site have access to many games. These games can be slots, table games, and even live betting games. When you play at Bonzo you are not disappointed by the number of games you have to select from. Players utilizing the live sports games can play for any number of sports that are being played at the moment. There is also live betting permitted on the site.


When You Visit


When you first visit Bonzo Spins you are given the impression that this is a winning site. You will feel as though the games are talking to you. Which game you select will depend on which game you feel is going to be the winning game. For instance, if you are looking at the Cleopatra game and it seems like a winning game, play it, it might be a winning game.

At Bonzo Spins they are strict with the responsible gaming license. They encourage all players to play responsibly. The site will offer gamers the opportunity to test whether they have a problem with gambling. If players feel they have a problem with gambling, they can take measures to not use the site. Simply contact support and make sure they know you are having a problem with gambling. The support staff at Bonzo Spins will assist you in taking these measures to not use the site.

Some of the measures one can take to not use the site are to set up a timer of how long the player can use the site each time and restrict the amount of money that can be deposited to the players account on any given day, for a week, or even in a given month. Players can take these precautions in order to help minimize the amount of money spent on the site on any day, during the week, or during a month. This is going to help the player to spend less on gambling and more on other things, like rent for instance.


Bonuses and Promotions


Bonzo Spins offers many bonuses. New players will automatically receive free spins upon sign up. When you deposit more than 10 GBP, you will be awarded more free spins. This is to say players can potentially earn free spins with every deposit. The Bonzo Spins casino also awards players with free spins throughout the day.

When a player has played a certain amount of time on the games, that player will receive free spins. This is to say if you spend 1 hour on the slot machines, you will be awarded approximately 1 free spin for the slots. However, the longer you play on the slots and for any particular day, the more free spins you will earn throughout the day.

The site offers seasonal promotions for all players. When you go to the site, you will be greeted with a list of all the promotions for that particular day. For this Christmas Season, the site offers special Christmas Seasonal bonuses and so on for all holidays. This is to say they will run specials on days for Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day.



In the Mobile


The Bonzo Spins casino offers over 400 games to its mobile users. Players can use their mobile devices as they would a laptop or desktop. The site is available for Android users, Windows users, and iOS users. This is to say that the site will operate on a Mac computer or MacBook, just like it would on a Windows computer or laptop.

The Bonzo Spins casino does not have any mobile apps available for its casino. Users simply go to the Bonzo Spins casino via their web browser as if they were on a desktop or laptop computer. This is to say you can use your phone or tablet. Once you are logged into the site via a smartphone or tablet, you simply select a game to play and the site will load that particular game.

Players will be permitted to deposit funds into their accounts via the mobile web browser. Players can also withdraw funds from their accounts via the mobile web browser. When you are in need of assistance while on a mobile device, the same assistance is offered to you as if you were on a desktop or laptop. Simply, select the need assistance links from your mobile device and you will be taken to the assistance page.





Both the mobile and desktop sites for Bonzo Spins casino will offer players a variety of games. There are slot machines, live dealer games, instant win games, and exclusive games. The exclusive games are just for those players who deposit often and are considered to be VIP (Very Important Players).

There are over 400 games in all. The site keeps up with the hottest games and informs players of when the hottest games are playing. Players who like Blackjack can play at this casino. Guests who like the Roulette can play at this casino. When you play Blackjack or Roulette it is in a digital format. The dealer will deal the cards electronically and you will have the same options you have during live Blackjack and Roulette.

The live dealer games are similar to being in a brick-and-mortar casino. You will be at your device and the dealer will let you know when all bets must be in. It is at this time that you should stop betting because the dealer will be putting the cards on the table or spinning the Roulette wheel. Then and only then are you getting the feeling that you are playing at a live casino. There are no live slot machines available at this casino. Only live dealers for Blackjack and Roulette as well as a digital format of these 2 games.



Deposits and Withdraws


Depositing at Bonzo Spins casino is easy. The site offers you many options for depositing funds to your account. When you select any one of these options, the site will walk you through the steps of depositing. You will, of course, need to go to the cashier before you can select an option to deposit. Some of the options for deposit include Payeer, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Skrill. There is a minimum amount of 10 NZD to deposit each time. When you deposit your funds will become available immediately for your use to playing on the games of your choice.

withdrawing is similar to depositing. You will have to meet the withdraw requirements, though. By this we mean you will have to reach the minimum withdraw requirement. There is no need to worry. The withdraw requirement at Bonzo Spins is quite low. Once you have reached the withdraw requirement you are permitted to withdraw your funds. Much like depositing your funds, when you withdraw your funds you will be asked how you would like them to be dispersed. By this we mean, you will be given the option of many withdraw methods, including withdrawing to your bank account or via a check in the mail.



Getting Help


Getting help at Bonzo Spins is easy. They are available via chat or email. The chat service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The email service will get back to you with a reply email. The reply email will come during normal business hours for Bonzo Spins. To receive assistance immediately it is best to click or tap the link for the chat.

The chat service will take you to a live operator who is standing by to assist you. The chat will begin when the operator comes on the other end. Sometimes, you will be put into a queue for waiting on a chat operator to be available. This is only at times when the casino chat service is super busy and you will need to wait your turn. It is kind of like being on hold with an operator at a business when you call the business. This is to say you will be in the chat queue and the operator takes the ‘calls’ in the order in which they were received. So, when it is your turn, the operator will get to you and start chatting about your issue.


FAQ about Bonzo Spins Online Casino

1. When was Bonzo Spins Casino founded?

Answer: Bonzo Spins Casino was founded in September 2018 by Nektan (Gibraltar) Ltd and is licensed by the governments of both the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Gibraltar.

2. How can I deposit to Bonzo Spins Casino?

Answer: After creating and account and logging in, select the ‘deposit’ option on the right hand side of the lobby page. There are several different payment methods and options for your convenience; just enter the details as prompted for your chosen method along with the amount that you want to deposit. Regardless of your payment method, the funds will be available and usable immediately in your account balance. Please note, all deposit options MUST match the name of the registered account owner and player.

3. How do I withdraw from Bonzo Spins Casino?

Answer: Only one withdrawal can be made per 24 hour period. In your account menu, click on transactions and then on the withdraw icon. You will be prompted to enter your password again for security purposes and then the amount you wish to withdraw. The minimum amount is 38.25NZD and the maximum amount is 3,825NZD. Whatever amount you choose will be immediately deducted from your account balance, however, all withdrawals will be checked and verified which can take up to three (3) business days. In some cases, additional time or information will be needed, but you will be notified of this by email. When using a debit or credit card, transactions can take up to 5 days to appear in your account.

4. What games can you play at Bonzo Spins Casino?

Answer: Bonzo Spins Casino offers a massive range of games from classic slots to arcade classics and everything in-between.

5. Does Bonzo Spins casino has an Mobile App or a mobile casino?

Answer: Yes, just search ‘Bonzo Spins Casino’ in your phone’s application marketplace.

6. What bonuses does Bonzo Spins has?

Answer: At Bonzo Spins Casino, all new members can get up to 100 free starburst spins. In addition, several games offer rotating bonuses to new and returning members alike.

7. What free spins bonus does Bonzo Spins have?

Answer: Up to 100 free starburst spin tokens.

8. What wagering requirement applies to bonuses?

Answer: 0.20NZD

9. What is the terms & conditions of the bonus?

Answer: This promotion is only for valid account holders, and at least 20NZD must be deposited at a time. Only certain games are valid for use with starburst tokens. Finally, for a detailed legal list of the terms and conditions see the Bonzo Spins Casino website promotions tab.

10. What support options does Bonzo Spins casino offer?

Answer: Bonzo Spins Casino offers telephone, email, and live chat help.

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