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€200 Bonus + 50 free spins

Bethard Casino offers a real-time gaming selection to players. Having developed some of the largest and best platforms for playing!

For individuals who like gambling but cannot access casinos due to time or the inconvenience of reaching the nearest casino, online casinos seem to be working the magic. The onset of online casinos has set a new lovable pace for gamblers. In essence, these casinos offer internet-based platforms for easy access to online games. The package matches the contents of the casino with the only difference being online accessibility. From reliability to dependability, a perfect online casino must provide excellent services for gamblers. Such are the features of Bethard casino. Bethard is among the leading casinos in the ever-expanding industry.


Bethard casino boasts of being one of the leading casinos to offer problem-solving platforms when it comes to appropriate presentation in online casinos. Coupled with appealing features that have an attraction to players, Bethard casino is equipped with some of the best ever online games. For daring players who would like to try new online games, this casino will not disappoint. Consistently raising the bar above, Bethard casino is known for its ability to offer many winning options with the intention of retaining clients. The adrenalin rush is more of what this casino imparts in gamers.


Bethard casino expresses a hardy as well as a daring spirit in multiple areas. Regarding this, the online casino offers a variety of gaming activities that offer clients high winning options. From live betting, casino, sports as well as virtual gaming options, Bethard casino has established a strong foundation to keep clients entertained. There is more to it than just meets the eyes of the players. Behind the attractive layouts of interfaces is a team of committed professionals who dedicate themselves to providing these unmatched services. They cater for the needs of the clients by providing better playing options. Consistently providing options for playing, Bethard has done well in creating a strong foundation. What keeps the casino performing well even in economic challenges is the availability of experienced professionals who coordinate the team that does service delivery.

Bonus & Free Spins at Bethard Casino

Amidst the tough policies that encompass the regulations of the casino when playing is an expression of sentimentality appended to Christmas offers and other holidays. The most attractive feature is the availability of daily bonuses. Every day, players are entitled to winning options that cut across different games. It is upon the player to reach out for the gift. With a daring spirit, every player can win! Players must work to earn the bonus by investing in promising games. Another docket of freebies involves free spins:

An individual must wager € 30 to earn 15 free spins

· €80 wagering points earn an individual 50 free spins

· € 80 earn a player 50 free spins

· € 200 earn the player 120 free spins

Welcome Bonus Bethard Casino

Bethard casino keeps on winning because of its commitment to offering clients more and more free winning options. For first-time players who are just joining the casino, this is an interesting offer on board. Jump on it! There is no need to wait for a better day in Christmas. Bethard offers every new member the following opportunities:

· Sign in and earn the first 10 free spins. There is no deposit bonus required in this.

· The first deposit of € 25 earns the player 50 free spins.

· The second deposit of € 25 earns the player about 50% which translates to €250 plus 150 free spins.

· The third deposit earns a player 200 free spins. This is tied to a minimum deposit of € 25.

· The 4th deposit earns the player a minimum of € 25. This translates to 250 free spins.

Game Selection

Bethard casino offers a real-time gaming selection to players. Having developed some of the largest and best platforms for playing, the casino has been making tremendous success thanks to its ability to attract more clients. From the free spins to games that offer more freebies, Bethard is the place to be. Online slots also come as an added advantage to the gaming experience. The games include the book of the dead, farm escape slot, the invisible man as well as immortal romance. Bethard casino has something for everyone eventually. Having the best powerhouse generators, it is factual that Bethard offers a broad spectrum of online games. Coupled with interesting slots, this casino offers impeccable offers in online gaming.


In Europe, casino licences determine the basis of operations. That is why Bethard is proud to be part of a leading licensing corporation. This is a basic legal requirement that must be in place in order to for a casino to operate. Bethard is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. This includes an integrated sportsbook that is embedded to the site. Coupled with NetEnt and Microgaming, the casino platform has authority to operate in legalized areas. Bethard casino brings forth a revolutionized platform for online casino gaming. On licensing, Bethard is restricted to a few geographical areas. This is a safety measure that protects clients from harmful online casino users. With the legal bonds, clients are safe to enjoy online games.

Customer Support

Customer care is a vital component for online casinos. Important as it is, Bethard casino offers significantly more options when it comes to customer service. From emailing to chatting, the customer care department is always ready to attend to the questions arising. From questions concerning available games to withdrawal methods as well as deposit methods, the customer care department is always available 24/7.

Safety and Fair Play

The safety of players is one determining factor that every casino must consider. That is why at Bethard casino, clients keep running back for more. Under the Malta Gaming Corporation, safety is observed to the last step of playing. This is because money matters come with challenges. From withdrawals to payment methods, safety guarantees peace of mind. Bethard understands the risks involved in handling money. The management scrutinizes the casino and its players under strict supervision. This is a factor that many gamers find attractive when it comes to enjoying online games. Bethard is a safe haven for online gambling.


Anyone who enjoys gambling understands the importance of the software a company uses to empower games. The operations of a casino lie in the software used. Bethard casino applies NetEnt and Microgaming. These are some of the world’s best software. Internationally, Microgaming is known for its significant contribution to the industry. As the leading powerhouses that provide high-tech games for casinos, the two software applications provide a variety of gaming platforms at Bethard casino. The legendary online casino continues to power its games through the powerful software. Coupled with imaginative themes as well as exciting features, Bethard casino is one place a player would like to be.

Bethard Mobile Casino

A mobile casino is defined by its ability to provide online casino games when the player is on the go. This is a feature that keeps Bethard casino going. The management understands that clients might want to play while on transit. That is why there is an application for mobile games. By joining Bethard casino, there is surety that an individual can use their personal computers to access games. From iPhone to iPads, customers can enjoy their games wherever they are. Bethard mobile casino includes the application of different gadgets so to speak. A player can use a scratch card as well as keno in order to access the games from anywhere they are. An additional feature to this mobile platform is a sports book that has been integrated to the website. For the feature to be effective, an individual must access as well as bet on the teams despite the location of the player. The next tip could be a winning situation for the player. The winning tip could pop up at any time. It is therefore important to have the mobile application in order to arrest the winning tips.

General Experience

Generally, Bethard is an unmatched casino. It offers a huge variety of games coupled with entertainment and security. For new players who do not know the casino they should settle for, this casino will never disappoint. It is one of the best. From excellent customer support to a peaceful ambience on the interface, the psychological effects beat normal imaginations. Bethard casino also provides safety to players. Definitely, this casino ranks high in customer service provision. With sufficient room to accommodate many clients, new and seasoned players are welcome on board.

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