The History Behind Monte Carlo’s Casino Tradition

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As we all know, the casino world is really something that keeps on surprising us every day.

Be it a new historical fact or a jackpot that some gambler around the world won, whatever.

It surely doesn’t stop surprising us.

Any continent has its casino history, and each one of them is simply unique in its own way.

We all know about the gambling casino capital of the world also known as the sin city.

Or Las Vegas.

Whatever works for you.

But, there are many other cities around the world that simply leave us in awe with its beauty and the casinos. 

And one of them is Monte Carlo, the famous home of many royalties whose structure and location are to die for.

But, it’s very much famous for its gambling habits as well.

Many A-list celebrities come here in order to spend their casino night and enjoy life a little bit.

But the history of this casino city will amaze you even more. 

The Origin of the Casino Tradition

Monte Carlo has one of the oldest casinos in the whole wide world.

luxurious casino room

That’s the Casino de Monte Carlo taht was built in 1863, and is approximately 157 years old.

The royalties and the royal family all have control of it because of its a symbol of the casino tradition that the citizens here have had for decades.

And this is how the whole history started, in fact.

The idea of opening a casino and help spread this kind of business there was Princess Caroline’s. 

At that time, the finances were pretty hard and difficult to deal with it, and the city desperately needed something like this.

And so it happened. Imagine if it never did; we wouldn’t have known Monte Carlo for what is it now! 

How Did It Grow to Be This Popular in the Gambling Industry?

Many tourists kept visiting this city and being left speechless by its buildings, the Riviere and the fact taht it has such a rich history.

And of course, after the tourists, the gamblers became aware of this European gem, and so they started visiting it rapidly.

Soon, the principality of Monaco started noticing that.

And they began investing more and more in this particular field.

And when Princess Grace Kelly became a part of the royal family, the popularity grew even more.

Since everyone knew this famous actress, the people sut needed ot see what made Monte Carlo so special with their own eyes.

Adn really can you blame them?

After that, everything went smoother than the butter.

james bond scene in monaco

And the city got its peak when the famous fictional character, James Bond shot a movie here and it made a real boom in pop culture.

Amazing, right?