Reasons Why Jackpot City Online Casino’s Loyalty Programme is Unmatched

March 27, 2019 Posted in Bonuses, News by No Comments

Jackpot City Online Casino continues to be home to some of the best gaming experiences in the world of online casino. Apart from being the gaming paradise, Jackpot City has one of the best collection of online casino games. The diversity in the game selection gives the gamers a chance to experiment on different games, without living the platform. In addition to being the haven for modern gaming, Jackpot City Online Casino has one of the best reward programs in online gaming. This piece explores the scope of Jackpot City Loyalty Programme, why the reward system is unique, and more importantly, how a player can maximize the rewards available.

Jackpot City

  • NZ$1600 in Bonus
  • A wide range of games
  • A leading online casino globally

The scope of Jackpot City Online Casino Loyalty programme

The loyalty program in this gaming platform is purposely for rewarding loyal gamers. Just like in other premium online casinos, Jackpot city rewards its players every time they have active cash bets. This policy is one of the ways the platform appreciate its loyal clients. Jackpot City Online Casino is one of the platforms that are redefining the reward systems in online casinos. The platform’s goal in 2019 is to come up with diverse and well-thought reward systems.

What makes Jackpot City Loyalty Program Unique?

The following are the three reasons why Jackpot City Loyalty system is unique and the best in the gaming world.

  • The reward system has unmatched simplicity 

Any reward system must meet the threshold of simplicity. Simplicity in a reward system requires the gaming platform to simplify the procedure of achieving points, player class, and any other related privileges. Jackpot City has a simple, yet brilliant reward system. For a player to qualify for any of Jackpot City’s six statues, they must stick to a simple and a verifiable process. Each of the six statues has different tier bonuses, and a player is entitled to unmatched services. For example, regardless of the player status, the gaming platform gives them access to unlimited customer care irrespective of their location.

Also, at Jackpot City, it is possible for a player to track their loyalty points. Gaming pundits believe that this is the highest form of simplicity and openness in the world of online casino.  

  • The reward system gives players relevant rewards

Jackpot City understands the beauty of providing players various rewards from their accumulated points. This gaming platform also provides the player with the advantage of transforming their game points to transaction value within the platform. Regardless of the player class, one can redeem points to an available gaming credit. Alternatively, a player can use the transactional value to participate in different promotions within the platform. Apart from making the player eligible to different gaming status, the number points also give the player a chance to access additional services from the platform. For example, having status points in Jackpot City is a direct ticket to 24/7 International customer support.

  • Jackpot City Loyalty system gives player achievable goals

In most gaming platforms, ‘reward systems’ are meant to punish the player. However, in this platform, the reward system is player-centered. Progressing from one player status to another is easy. The only requirement in this journey is the player availability in the platform. The primary goal of structuring players into status is to encourage new and intermediate players to continue playing and reach the Diamond status.

Throughout the journey to earn Diamond status, the customer support system is always available. The availability of customer service is a game changer in the gaming world. Just like in the other premium gaming platforms, Jackpot City also updates the player on the expiry date of their points. The updates are ideal, and they help the player to make wise reward selection.