The Purpose And Definition Of An RTP – Online Casino

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Anyone who has ever played online slots, browsed the sites or researched online casinos has probably seen the acronym RTP numerous times. RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player and tells the payout percentage of the game. RTP tells the player how all the funds bet on a casino game such as a slot will be paid back to the users in a certain time frame. This is explained according to the percentages. When the percentage is high the player can win more often over a longer time period. Each slot and online casino has its own specific RTP.

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The average value is based on the RTP percentages encompassed by every single casino game. RTP should not be taken literally because it is a theoretical statistical calculation. This means there are always going to be enormous random wins such as hitting the mega jackpot. There will also be periods encompassing long streaks of losses. In these instances the number does not apply. The RTP simply informs the player as to the average estimated outcome for the game or slot in question.

The House Edge and The Flip Side

The RTP is often though of as the house edge’s other side. If a player is aware of the RTP for one of the casino table games such as American roulette they can figure the advantage of the house is at 5.26 percent. This would make the RTP 100 percent – 5.26 percent = 94.74 percent. Players should keep in mind all of this is theorized and should not be taken as a hard fact.

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The Correlation Between RTP and Win Frequency

The RTP can be misleading for the players because it does not reveal how often the player is going to win. A good example is an online slot game with a 97 percent RTP. This represents a lower frequency of wins and pays on a winning combination on an average of one out of every ten spins. Another slot game may have the same RTP of 97 percent and pay on average of one in every three spins. When a slot has a higher frequency it may pay more often but the amounts will be smaller. The lower frequency slots do not pay nearly as often but the sums are much larger.

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Fair and Random Payouts

For a player to understand the statistics for casino games they must understand the numbers use thousands of different events for their basis. These numbers fall according to chance because they are governed by Random Number Generators. This ensures the results are always arbitrary and unbiased. The chance for a player to win will always be the same because of the Random Number Generators. This makes certain the casino game results are always fair.

When a player claims an online slot will always hit in regular intervals this is an online gambling myth. A slot machine has no way of knowing it just provided a player with a big win. This means all the spins remain independent. Even is a player has just won the mega jackpot they can still score another big win with one more spin. Due to the Random Number Generators the player has the exact same chances of winning on every spin.

Most people are unable to understand the mathematics required to figure out the internal programming of a slot machine or the RTP for the machine. The best way to look at the RTP’s consistently posted by the online casinos is it shows their are trustworthy. These RTP’s should always be available for the general public whether the players understand the mathematics or not.


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